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Erred in pastel

Published : Mar 5, 2020, 12:19 am IST
Updated : Mar 5, 2020, 12:19 am IST

Summers and pastels are a marriage made in fashion heaven. However, the delicate hues can even lead to fashion faux pas.

Risky Hues: The powder blue can often be a tricky colour to pull-off
 Risky Hues: The powder blue can often be a tricky colour to pull-off

Even the fashion dense knows one cardinal rule-pastels are perfect for summers. Scientifically, too, this rule relates to not only fashion but also a sense of comfort given how lighter colours actually cool you as the mercury starts rising.

All said done, though, despite having come thus far thinking pastels to be the summer saviours, turns out it may not entirely be the case. From picking out the wrong pastel shade to styling and accessorizing it incorrectly, plenty can go wrong with pastels. So before diving into the pastel ocean this summer, hear out our experts on what’s best avoided.

Stylist Niddhi Khanna is convinced that this favourite trend can often be tricky to pull off. “For instance, if we pair any solid colour with a pastel, the solid colour will dominate the pastel. So one must be cautious while choosing powdery blue or milk caramel colours to wear as these are difficult shades to pull off,” explains Niddhi.

But what is Niddhi’s take on soft yet bold pastel outfits that look perfectly chic? "Do not wear one pastel shade from head to toe, instead opt for two pastels together,” she advises.

Cautions around the delicate hues

Stylist Karan Sethi also has a few big No-Nos when it comes to styling pastels. While colour blocking with pastel shades is often a great idea, Karan believes that wearing too many pastel colours at once is a mistake best avoided. “Stick to two or three colour shades at the most as more than that can go wrong,” he tells us.

So what is the one pastel shade he thinks is tricky, we ask him. “There are several hues of pastel green, but it is one shade that has a very high potential of going wrong,” he tells us. That being said, it is not just the shade palette that can go awry. Given how soft and delicate the hues are, he tells us, one can often go wrong with its styling. And one styling mistake, according to Karan, which can totally ruin the pastel look is the wrong choice of shoes.

“If you are wearing pastels, then avoid wearing dark colour shoes, heels or accessories to add that extra bling,” he cautions.

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