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All new hair game

Published : Sep 4, 2017, 12:24 am IST
Updated : Sep 4, 2017, 12:25 am IST

Ahead of India’s tour of Sri Lanka, cricketer Hardik Pandya decided to opt for a wacky hairdo.

Pandya also shared a few pictures with the new hairstyle on Instagram.
 Pandya also shared a few pictures with the new hairstyle on Instagram.

Hardik Pandya’s new hairdo is the talk of the town. This bold hairstyle, topped off with blond highlights, seems to be inspired by the mohawk. His new look has created quite a stir with one critic saying, “Hardik should wear a cap while bowling...”, and another adding, “It must be very difficult for the batsmen to concentrate when Pandya is bowling. Looks like a bird perched on his bald head.” Many people seem shocked, except for his family. His sister, Anamika Dave, is not amused. “He is passionate about his hairstyles. I will not be surprised if he comes out with a new look for the next match,” she said exclusively from Ahmedabad.

“Hardik also had a habit of changing his clothes very often during the day. My mother would scold him saying our maid would run away one day,” she added.

Hardik’s dad Himanshu Pandya is in Sri Lanka for the ODIs. “I saw him with this hairstyle first at his hotel,” he said, adding, “What to say to these young generation boys...They do whatever they like but as long as he does well on the field it is ok.”

His father will again be at the R. Premadasa Stadium on Sunday. “I shall immediately return after the last ODI. I will not stay longer for the T-20 matches,” he said. His dad’s visit was not a surprise to Hardik, who was already informed by his sister about the trip.

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