Monday, Mar 19, 2018 | Last Update : 01:04 AM IST


Cuban artist switches Havana's neon lights back on

The city, one of the architectural jewels of Latin America, has been enjoying a tourism boom.

28 Feb 2018 2:32 PM

Missing Monet returns home to Japan

The oil painting, around two metres long and 4.2 metres wide, was unearthed in the Louvre Museum in Paris in 2016.

27 Feb 2018 7:28 PM

Celebrating Kathak like never before

On one hand if KKC was an event organised by Maharaj Ji’s then “Vanaotsava” is surely an event organised by all his admirers and fans.

26 Feb 2018 1:20 AM

Bina Ramani clicks the reboot button

The socialite has now turned artist and is exhibiting her works, along with her husband Georges Mailhot, at Art Konsult in Hauz Khas Village.

23 Feb 2018 12:15 AM

Let’s celebrate that theatre has an Olympics too

A cursory glance of the schedule, and one realises that the programming is not as international as one hoped.

21 Feb 2018 3:00 AM

Collect some uranium glass for that peaceful glow

Members appreciate its soft color and distinctive glow.

20 Feb 2018 4:27 PM

Pantomime dance-theatre takes up core issues to change hearts & minds

Jagran workshops with students, on site and in schools, have now become an annual feature.

20 Feb 2018 1:43 AM

Quintessentially impressionistic

Abstract art maker Maruthi Paila says that life is not easy for an artist who paints in a non-figurative style.

20 Feb 2018 1:34 AM

Hidden details in Picasso painting uncovered

The scientists were able to analyse 70 per cent of the painting in 24 hours.

18 Feb 2018 6:09 PM

Painting about myth, reality and stories

Artist Seema Kohli’s recently concluded exhibition saw her taking inspiration from Bhagavad Gita.

15 Feb 2018 7:55 PM