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With lower carb intake, the types of foods people ate instead of carbs were associated with very different types of outcomes. (Photo: Pixabay)

Low-carb diet better when it includes more vegetables, nuts

Study linked low-carbohydrate diets to better success with short-term weight loss and improvements in risk factors for premature death.

Representational Image. (Photo: Pixabay)

Few teens with chronic health problems have plans to take charge of their own care

Researchers identified three main areas as a proxy for teens’ transition planning.

Representational Image. (Photo: Pixabay)

Combat obesity with this effective treatment

Bariatric surgery is the most effective treatment for obesity.

The invention can also minimise risk of infections as human tissue won’t be pierced (Photo: Pixabay)

Scientists claim bandage made from gold and silk can replace painful stitches

The thin strip has gold nanorods which are 10000 times thinner than human hair and convert laser into heat.

She has to wear sunglasses every time she steps out of the house (Photo: Twitter)

This little girl's big beautiful eyes are actually the result of a rare disorder

Children with such a condition are usually sensitive to light which offers the eye through the pupil.


A picture of Victoria Beckham used for representational purposes only.

‘BEE’ picture perfect!

The new chip on the block in terms of beauty is the Bee-Sting Therapy which has been termed as Nature’s very own Botox!

Here are the Indo-Western looks sported by Bhumi Pednekar.

Bhumi Pednekar shows 4 ways to nail the Indo-Western look this Ganesh Chathurti

From a mystic look, to casual, elegant or classy, Bollywood actress shares her mantra to look perfect this Ganesh festival.

Fringes remind you of the 70s when one found musicians often adorning a fringed jacket or pants and even boots for that matter.

Exaggerated fringe benefits

This new design trend is the next best thing to a swirl and swoosh feeling, and it’s all the rage currently.

Outfits by designer Poonam Dubey.

Slow and sustainable

Fashion is now walking a road that is antithetical to fast fashion.


 Thai food is a mouth-watering medley of sweet and sour, salty and spicy. (Photo- Vinod Karimatt)

Cooking up a Thai storm

Chef Supattra’s fascination with Thai cuisine began when she was a little girl.

Tom Yum Soup

Touch of authentic Thai flavour

Chef Joy shares a few recipes with DC from her own cuisine for the Thai food lovers.


Exciting eclectic mix

The brand director of Bombay Brasserie, of K Hospitality Corp also shares a couple of recipes with DC.

Devotees transport a Ganesha idol from Old Vashi Creek to be installed at a pandal ahead of Ganpati festival, in Navi Mumbai. (Photo: AP)

Ganesh Chaturthi 2018: Here are some delectable recipes with a healthy twist

Follow these recipes and offer the God of wisdom some delectable naivedya (offering).

It further revealed that Indians were consuming about 117 micrograms (0.117 milligrams) of microplastic annually (Photo: AFP)

Microplastics found in table salt brands in study conducted by IIT-Bombay

The study stated that 63 per cent of the microplastic particles was in the form of fragments and 37 per cent were fibres.


Representational Image. (Photo: Pixabay)

Planning a destination wedding? Las Vegas can offer some exotic venues!

Here are some favorite picks for an unforgettable ceremony or reception.

Revelers throw tomatoes at each other, during the annual "Tomatina", tomato fight fiesta, in the village of Bunol, 50 kilometers outside Valencia, Spain. (Photo: AP)

Thousands hurl tomatoes in Spanish food fight

The Tomatina is said to have originated from a spontaneous bust-up amongst villagers in 1945.


A rain-kissed paradise

Be it The constant drizzle or incessant downpour, the lush and dreamy vista of kerala springs alive in the monsoon.

Manoj P, Gopalakrishnan, Lijin Lal, Manoj Messan, Swothish and Satheesh during their trip.

Tales from an all-India road trip

Lijin Lal and his friends explored many parts of the country in 21 days.


The show was overlooked in supervision of Madhura Jasraj ji.

Celebrating Janmashtami through Geet Govind

The work portrays the love of Krishna for Radha, his faithlessness and subsequently upsetting her, but eventual return to her.

Thespo 19 performance - This Wrold That Cropsses You 2017.

Thespo throws up the next generation theatre talent

The mentors remain the same, and what is heartening is how some participants of previous years have transitioned into mentors.

Pt Ronu Mazumdar and Jayanthi Kumaresh. 	— IGNCA

Carnatic-North Indian classical music enthrals audience

The composition again was from the Carnatic repertoire in “Adi tala” or “teentaal”.

Scene from Australian director Glenn Hayden’s Bull.

Global directors descend on Mumbai

In a new trend in international theatre, many directors are moving to Mumbai and calling it home.

 Padmashree-awarded Odissi dancer Ranjana Gauhar

Treading the difficult path of the arts

Culture is a part of a larger shared whole where each art is dependent on the other for its creative impulse.


A still from Wonder

It’s time to live, love and laugh

Then there is this fetish for information! Unparalleled in the history of the past.

Deleting dating apps makes it clear that one is purely going to focus on each other from now on. (Photo: Pixabay)

Here's the best way to prove your commitment in a new relationship

Relationship experts argue in today’s disposable dating culture, there is no better way to prove commitment than by deleting dating apps.

According to a source, Meghan doesn’t even know how to communicate with her dad without knowing he won’t exploit her. (Photo: AFP)

Meghan Markle fears her father will 'leak' conversations if they speak

The 36-year-old Meghan Markle’s estranged father has developed a penchant for speaking to press about his daughter and the royal family.

Prior research has estimated that more than 60 per cent of adults have been involved in on-off relationships. (Photo: AFP)

On-off relationships toxic for mental health

Researcher says pattern of breaking up and getting back together can be harmful for an individual's mental health.

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Slick, whose real name is Simone Thompson, sported black nipple pasties and strappy bondage lingerie during the catwalk show. (Photo: Pixabay)

Model goes into labour minutes after walking in Rihanna's NYFW show

Slick Woods was one of two expectant models to rock RiRi's lingerie in the groundbreaking show.

Residents of the town recorded the confrontation (Photo: YouTube)

Thrilling footage shows fierce showdown between cobra and dog saving her puppies

People alerted a snake rescuer who caught the cobra and took it away in a jar as the rest of the puppies were saved.

Adding a simple wicker basket/stand to hold umbrellas and raincoats can prevent carrying the rain water inside your home.

Colours of monsoon

Bid goodbye to the gloom, which accompanies the pitter patter season by adding colour and using the right home decor for your interiors.

In one particularly awkward scene, Hermione has to teach Krum how to say her name properly - spelling it out slowly as 'Her-my-oh-nee'.

JK Rowling confirms Harry Potter fan theory about Hermione’s name

Harry Potter fans have speculated scene was inserted deliberately by author, because so many readers were also saying 'Hermy-own'.

After being confronted, Menchaca reportedly admitted to lying about having Down syndrome. (Photo: Pixabay)

Man fakes Down syndrome to hire carers for changing his nappy and bathing him

Three female carers had responded to adverts allegedly posted on a website designed to help families find help.