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In the longer term it may lead to automated or partially-automated prostate cancer diagnosis. (Photo: Pixabay)

Study says smart software can diagnose prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is the most common male cancer, with around 1.1 million diagnoses ever year.

Smokers are charged higher premiums by employers, this entitles them to programs that will help them quit smoking at the same time. (Photo: Pixabay)

Employee health plans charge smokers extra but don’t help them quit

Smokers are charged higher premiums by employers, this entitles them to programs that will help them quit smoking at the same time.

There is a tendency by doctors to rely on pharmacological treatment and neglect non-pharmacological interventions. (Photo: Pixabay)

Exercise improves asthma in obese adults

There is a tendency by doctors to rely on pharmacological treatment and neglect non-pharmacological interventions.

Probiotic use during pregnancy and lactation was associated with a 22 percent lower risk of young children developing eczema. (Photo: Pixabay)

Probiotics during pregnancy tied to lower eczema risk for kids

There was already some evidence that probiotic exposure in early life may reduce risk of eczema in an infant.

Photos show Kate barely looked pregnant in the late stages of her previous pregnancies, however the royal has displayed a blooming figure during her recent official engagements. (Photo: AP)

Here's why Kate has a bigger bump in current pregnancy

According to expert, most women who have given birth twice before will have bigger bumps in subsequent pregnancies.


Designer Payal Jain too feels that Indian pret is a medley of the East and West — a fusion in the true sense — and consequently remains strongly influenced by both.

Amazon India Fashion Week AW 2018: Reinterpreting pret

Design needs to keep step with time and changing tastes, and prêt is an interesting designscape to explore, say designers.

Designer Madhu Jain receiving the ‘Nari Shakti Puraskar 2017’ from President Ram Nath Kovind

Spearheading eco-fashion

The future is and indeed can only be eco-friendly and sustainable but for now comes at a cost not all can afford.

The collection is an amalgamation of heritage and contemporary, with designs in pastel hues. (Photo: Instagram/SabyasachiOfficial)

Designer Sabyasachi redefines Indian bridal wear

The collection is an amalgamation of heritage and contemporary, with designs in pastel hues.

Emma Watson's bling  outfit gives us major style envy. Doesn't it?

In a Bling-y frame of mind

For girls who are not ready to go all out, starting small and subtle is the trick, believes designer Prerana Sarkar.


Despite fears that this level of alcohol could pose a health risk, no illnesses were reported as a result of the faulty batch. (Instagram Screengrab/ twinriverspirit)

Scottish distillery creates world’s strongest gin

The gin is said to have a creamy nutty scent and taste of heavy juniper with a sweet spiciness with 77 per cent alcohol by volume.

Brand owner Diageo Plc is hoping the move widens the appeal of the product while celebrating women. (Twitter Screengrab/ @JohnnieWalker)

Diageo launches limited edition Jane Walker Scotch

World’s largest spirits company, Diageo is launching limited edition of Black Label Scotch featuring woman.

Waffle Pizza

Pizza mania

February 9 is celebrated as National Pizza Day. Whether it’s a big cheesy American-style pizza or a thin and crispy Italian one.

The cold brew coffee is named Apothic Brew, and is made reportedly in response to the growing demand for cold brew coffee in the US, which grew 430 per cent between 2015 and 2017.

Coffee-infused red wine is the flavour of the season

The company does promise that the bitter components of coffee will be skipped, thanks to the cold brew, instead of hot water.

We list 7 of the weirdest food from around the world. (Photos: Pixabay)

Here are 7 weird food from around the world you must try

From a poisonous fish, to live octopus or ducklings still in their shells, we list food that are off the ordinary path.


Nellimaram atop Nelliyampathy Hill

The hills are calling

A getaway to Nelliyampathy will leave you feeling rejuvenated.

Representational Image. (Photo: Pixabay)

7 spots for family fun around USA

These places are some of the popular spots for tourists.

The objective of this festival was to promote Agro - tourism and Nashik as a tourist destination.

India Grape Harvest Festival 2018 witnesses astonishing response

Festival sees over 18,000 tourist footfalls during one-and-a-half-month Grape and Wine extravaganza by MTDC.


 The tempo could have been kept more buoyant with enough media coverage and advertising.

A tale of two indian art fairs

Evenings saw performances by folk and traditional artistes too so that there was an attempt to see the arts as a complete whole.

 Wire artist Mohammad Rafiq with Nahid Dabeet.

Shaping Indo-Israeli artworks

Artists from India and Israel are collaborating at the ‘Dastkari Haat Craft Bazaar 2018’ to design unique artworks.

The anthem has also come in for some severe flak, given its repetitiveness and an absolute lack of clear thought or mission statement.

Let’s celebrate that theatre has an Olympics too

A cursory glance of the schedule, and one realises that the programming is not as international as one hoped.

Representational Image. (Photo: Pexels)

Cuban artist switches Havana's neon lights back on

The city, one of the architectural jewels of Latin America, has been enjoying a tourism boom.

The celebrities of the gramophone era: Sundarabai, Jankibai Chhappanchuri, Gauhar Jaan and Zohrabai Agrewali

Celebrities of Gramaphone era

Born in Pune to a poor family, Sundrabai had no formal education but learnt to read and write Marathi.


Abraam Pandey

I can’t imagine life without my dog Max, says Abraam Pandey

To me my Valentine’s Day was all about spending the whole day with Max.

Couples tend to assume their partner feels the same way they are feeling, or thinks the same way they do. (Photo: Pixabay)

Couples fail to notice when partner feels down: study

If there's something you want to talk about, then communicate that. It's a two-way street.

A still from American Hustle

Your love horrorscope

If these predictions feel morbid or too far fetched, know that in some parallel universe this is already happening.

A still from the film Babadook

Goodbye to the clock!

Thanks to technology, woMen aren’t bound by the biological clock but is it as simple as it sounds?

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You can learn from your past mistakes and bring the lessons to the next game.

Chess moves to improve your life

Do not waste it on selfish people in your present or people who are now living only in your past.

The key to making the choice, interestingly, is often not the balance between the qualities of the options.

Explore or exploit

The explore/exploit trade-off has been studied by computer scientists for many decades.

It is one of the most premiere venues for live Indian classical music performances. The legendary artistes who have performed here are Ustad Zakir Hussain,  and Mridagam Maestro Palghat Mani Iyer. (Photo: Suruchi Maira)

A personal history of Shanmukhananda auditorium

Only to find that the queue for passes had spilled out of the Shanmukhananda campus and onto the footpath.

The discovery puts into question the future success of animal breeding programmes which increasingly prevent extinction of various species across the world. (Photo: Pixabay)

Captive-born animals less likely to breed successfully compared to wild counterparts

Across animal kingdom, captive-born animals were found to average 42 per cent decreased odds of reproductive success.

The result is often tumultuous as both try to convince each other.

Helping your child choose a career

When it comes to a child’s career choice, does the parent know best?