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Published : Feb 14, 2013, 11:47 am IST
Updated : Feb 14, 2013, 11:47 am IST

‘I show my love every day’ Anup Soni, actor


‘I show my love every day’ Anup Soni, actor

I think when you are in love everyday is the right day to do something special for your partner. I believe in showing my love and care for Juhi everyday instead of restricting it to only Valentine’s Day. So, whenever it’s possible we spend time together and go to our favourite hangouts. I find Valentine’s Day just a marketing gimmick to attract youngsters and make profits in the name of love. Luckily, my wife Juhi is also of the same mind when it comes to V-Day celebrations. Like Valentine’s Day, there are so many other days dedicated to mother, father, sister and friends, but I never celebrate these days.

*** It’s a Special day Samanth chauhan, fashion designer

Till the time I wasn’t married, I didn’t really care about Valentine’s Day. But things have changed after marriage. Now I think special days should be celebrated specially. Two years ago, my first Valentine’s Day after marriage, was the most memorable one. Me and my wife Romsha wanted to go out for a vacation during the Valentine week, but work kept me tied up. But then, the Surajkund Mela was going on and since Romsha had never been there we decided to go there. It was a day full of fun and enjoyment.

*** ‘Life is not a movie’ Halima Sadiya, author

I did celebrate Valentine’s Day in my first year of wedding. And then I came to know that Islam doesn’t have anything called Valentine’s Day. The whole idea of Valentine’s Day goes against the basic principles. Also, V-Day is all about making money. Do you need to show your love for just one day that too by buying a pricey gift and having a meal at an expensive restaurant. One day of displaying love is not going to make your relationship any better. Life is not a movie. We live in a realistic world where it’s beyond flowers and teddy bears. You have your whole life to make each day a lovable day.

*** V-day brings happiness Amanpreet wahi, model

In our busy lives, if we can find a special day to express our love to our soulmate, then why not! It can only bring in happiness, I guess. I have some beautiful memories associated with the day. However, one which I can never really forget would be quite a few years back, when me and Raghav were just going around. My parents were celebrating their 25th anniversary on February 13 and I had invited Raghav over. My parents didn’t know that we were going around then. As the clock struck 12, he asked me to sneak out with him to the parking lot. Once we reached there, he just opened the car and I found flowers, cake and champagne waiting for me. It was one of the most romantic Valentine’s that we celebrated and in the most unusual place possible.

*** A day dedicated to my loved one Heena sidhu, shooter

I do believe in the concept of Valentine Day. Though I won’t argue when everyone says that any day could be the day of love, but I see no harm in devoting one day out of your 365 days to your partner. Rather it is a good concept to bring two people closer. I hardly did anything great on Valentine Day earlier, but this year it is going to be special for my life partner, Ronak and me. We got married just a week back and are celebrating the Valentine Day in Goa. Let’s see how things unfold today.