Grandeur of gold


Gold is a colour that is rooted in ancient history. Its lustrous feature makes it visually alluring to the eyes. In the years gone by, gold has been used in interiors as decoration and ornamentation to depict wealth, luxury and status.

Many critics, who applaud subtlety, have often dismissed gold as loud, pretentious and inappropriate for household decor. However, through its ornate use in decor worldwide and based on Indian heritage’s extensive expression of grandeur through this element, gold has found a place in people’s homes as a visible sign of opulence and elegance.
In many traditions and cultures, gold is a favourite theme in interior decoration, fashion, tableware and other home decor accessories because of its natural glimmer that resembles the brightness of the sun, adding luster to your living space.
In Western cultures, gold is used in a quieter and subtle tone. It is used to create mood, accent and richness. It gets into rhythm when candles are lit, outshining the ambience. Not only does it add richness to damask or velvet curtains, but also emphasises on detailing the entire look of the area.
Paintings with glided ornate frames or plain gold outlines illuminate the colours and draw attention to the subject in the same. It creates a distinct atmosphere laying stress on particular aspects of a room or its furnishings.
Gold has withstood several trend and style transformations in wallpapers and textiles. Earlier, pure gold leaf was applied directly on to a surface paper, highlighting gold motifs on wallpapers. The template was placed on the paper and the gold pattern was imprinted with the help of glue. Nowadays, textile designers are constantly experimenting with authentic and distinct patterns as they feel that gold is the colour that adds glamour. Also, its usage in lampshades provides a very subtle yet gleaming lighting effect. This facade is accentuated when used in contrast with sea green.
When using the colour gold for interiors, the golden rule is to start with the door handles. Additionally, what helps is blending them with picture frames, kitchen taps and bathroom accessories, drawer handles and other fixtures.
Gold is rich, timeless, priceless yet adventurous. It symbolises royalty and power. It has remained a consistent feature throughout evolution showcasing different tastes and styles.
So, give your home the Midas touch and feel like the king of your castle!

It is sad to see a great institution crumble. The Congress is more than just a political party.

As maiden victories — like first love — always remain etched in the mind for long, it would be unfair to grudge Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his party the joys of a runaway win in Assam.