Ditch red, go green this Valentine’s Day

Earthen oven; Valentine’s Day special plant

Earthen oven; Valentine’s Day special plant

Love is in the air! And as they say, there is always a perfect setting for every special story, so why not perk up the precious moment with a greater purpose this Valentine’s Day? When the earth is plagued with issues of global warming, climate change, emission of greenhouse gases, carbon footprint, pollution, erosion, why not go green?
Forego paper and plastic items. “This would be quite a welcoming relief from the unstoppable use of plastics which seems to have spiralled out of control. The idea is to avoid the junk of garbaged products, gathered after a use-and-throw process. You see, the unwanted accumulation of refuse spurts a hell of a lot pollution in want of proper recycling methods. Hence, the option of eco-friendly products came to our mind,” says Vandana Khosla, of Elvy Lifestyle store. From showpieces, glittering accessories to artful servings, Elvy spoils it clients for a wide choice with its eye-catching festive collections on display. Shop till you drop from the shelves of eco-friendly knickknacks like the aesthetic, flowery holders painted in bright colours. Pronged with a two-fold purpose, the glowy bulbs in vivid hues can be used to serve a candlelight dinner or merely as a luminous, decorative item.
Product designer Mukul Goyal has explored various mediums to put his imagination to an effective use. From metals, fabrics, cotton, glass to ceramics, his wide range of materials has been deftly employed to create interesting products, jewellery and accessories. Selling his eco-friendly products in as many as 30 nations world-wide, Goyal’s art has found takers beyond boundaries.
Green kitchens can be the best way to ensure domestic bliss. Set up wood-fired earthen ovens just next to your kitchen-garden and notice the difference. It kind of recreates a fun-filled picnic like outing once in a while. How about a delicious supper out in the open beside a campfire under a starlit night-sky? Spice up your muddy ovens with earthen utensils like pots, pans, tea-cups, mugs and tumblers to drink water or juice from. Serve the food on earthen plates clipped with banana or sal leaves.
One can also opt for precious nature-borne “Valentine’s Plants” like jade and green singonium. Besides, one can present their love with silken scarves, handmade paper pen-stand. From hand-crafted tribal, beaded jewellery, terracotta ornaments, accessories fashioned from turtle shells, snail shells, coral showpieces, tree-barks, iron, copper, wood, stone and bronze sculptures, rock-cut temple art, dokra art, cotton weaves, thread embroidery, fabric paintings, Tanjore paintings to wicker-bamboo crafts, shoppers are spoilt for choice.


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