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Explained: Why your Lab is always hungry


Dogs love food. Some love it more than others, and some of those are Labrador retrievers — the bottomless pits of the canine world.

Pay someone to yell at customer service for you


GetHuman offers to make your customer service phone calls for you, suffering through hours of hold music and circuitous button-pressing.

Bringing the dead back to ‘life’


The research team is hoping that the stem cells will initiate a kind of “rebooting” process in which brain cells can regenerate on their own

It’s time to move on?

Kangana Ranaut and Adhyayan Suman in happier days.

Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan’s high voltage public spat catapulted into a bigger controversy last week, when Kangana’s former boyfriend Adhyayan Suman opened a can of worms in a tell-all intervie

Inpatient rehab is best for stroke recovery: study

(Representative Image: File photo)

Inpatient rehab includes a multidisciplinary team working together on medical, physical, neuropsychological and speech therapy.

No silver lining here!

Anant Ambani with Salman Khan

Undeniably, 21-year-old Anant Ambani’s ‘108 kilos lighter in 18 months’ weight loss story assures jolts of inspiration – to anyone wanting to turn to a new leaf and hit on a fitter path.

Kids pay attention when parents do


Caregivers who seem distracted may raise kids with shorter attention spans

Retire late, live longer


Experts have found that individuals live longer if they have social support, stay active, and feel a sense of overall purpose in life

Now, name a cockroach after your beloved ex


Sound familiar? Yes, you can now name your ex boyfriend or girlfriend after their spirit animal, the cockroach.

From meow to howdy


It’s finally here! Scientists at Temptations Lab have created the world’s first cat translator.

During his visit to Patna, Jawaharlal Nehru University Students’ Union president Kanhaiya Kumar was asked about his views on chief minister Nitish Kumar’s decision to ban the sale and possession of al

A recent article published in the British medical journal Wired has brought out an alarming fact: that suicides have toppled the more conventional cause of death, maternal mortality (deaths due to pre