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Shaken to SHRED!

Mamtha trains with Wanitha Ashok

Some of the fittest people swear by Shred 415 which works wonders by combining body work, weights and running

The parent trap

David Beckham with his son Brooklyn Beckham (second from left)	—(Photo: AP)

You’d think that a football icon like David Beckham would never be slotted as an “embarrassing parent”, but his recent revelations prove otherwise.

Find the silver lining

 Kate Winslet — (Photo: AP)

They say tough times don’t last; tough people do. Celebrities who’ve braved adversity and emerged stronger tell us about the good that came out of it:

Let the marionettes’ stories pull at your heart strings

Puppets in Dadi Pudumjee’s presentation Heer Ke Waris at the Ishara International Puppet Theatre in New Delhi.

Puppeteers from five countries are bringing with them a range of modern and traditional forms of puppetry ranging from rod, string and shadow puppets at the Ishara International Puppet Theatre Festiva

The devil, they say, is in the details. There is a world of difference between the Budget speech of Arun Jaitley, peppered with smart announcements, and the real numbers in the Budget documents.

“It’s always time to say goodbye Said the spider to the fly As he wove his tangled web With a crocodile tear in his eye. It’s easier jumping over the moon Sang the cow to a feline tune