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Replacing animal testing with computer chips

Griffith has built a system with seven ‘organs’ on a chip.

Before a new drug or medical treatment can be let loose on human beings, it has to go through a rigorous set of tests to make sure it’s safe — tests that unfortunately often involve animals.

Tens of thousands of babies may be born with Zika disorders: study

Earlier this month, a study in the American journal Science predicted the outbreak should be over within three years.

The virus, first discovered in Uganda in 1947, took the world by surprise when it emerged.

Male hormone can turn back biological clock

The results of the study suggest that drugs can be used to reverse one of the biological drivers of aging. (Photo: Pixabay)

Androgen has long been used as a drug in cases of congenital anemia and offers the advantage of stimulating an increase in hemoglobin.

Flu vaccine may help keep diabetics out of the hospital

Flu vaccines may influence the odds of hospitalization and death for diabetics. (Representational Image)

Vaccination was associated with a 30 percent lower hospital admission rates for stroke and 22 percent lower rates for heart failure.

The personality trait that means you’ll have more sex


Giving to charity, helping old ladies cross the street and taking the time to give lost tourists directions might give you more than just a moral boost.

China's condom policies to prevent HIV fail to protect sex workers: research

AA Condoms.jpeg

The confiscation of condoms and use of condoms as legal evidence in cases against sex workers is a widespread problem.

The age of the underbob!

This monsoon, give the underbob a nod!

Ladies, the monsoons may not spell great news for your hair, as you may not be able to give a nod to a variety of trendy updos.

DIY is the name of the game


As kids, and even as adults, board games and card games are always a fun way to pass the time.

Intervention can reduce HIV risk in female victims of domestic violence

Integrated HIV risk reduction intervention can be effective for female victims of domestic violence (Photo: File Photo)

Intervention can result in a decrease in unprotected sex and an increase in safer sex communication among partners.

Malaria drug may help in cancer fight, early research finds

Cancer cells with low oxygen levels are more difficult to treat with radiotherapy and are more likely to spread

Researchers hope that this low-cost drug will mean that resistant tumours can be re-sensitised to radiotherapy.

On July 13, as the Northeast Democratic Alliance met in Guwahati, the Supreme Court redefined the constitutional role and responsibilities of a governor by declaring unconstitutional the governor’s di

With the Goods and Services Tax (GST) constitutional amendment again in doubt in the Rajya Sabha, the process for what has been labelled the “most ambitious tax reform” in Indian history remains stall