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Design is a way of life: Sudhir Bhatia

Sudhir Bhatia

Bits and pieces that you would ignore as meaningless, are what sudhir bhatia uses to create innovative design

Exploring various moods of Hampi

A scene from the Hampi temple

Experimenting with luminous paints, artist Ganesh Doddamani attempts to capture life around the ruins, as reflected in the temples, people and nature around it

Sleeping beauty!


Do you look sleepy all the time? This is how your long and erratic work hours leave you: sleep deprived. While you chase sleep, a drowsy look remains plastered on the face for days.

Avoid inner eyelid eyeliners


For the first time, scientists have studied the effects of applying eyeliner to your inner eyelid, or “waterline”, to find that your risk of contamination, eye infections, and blurred vision is a whol

“An insult should be true to bite Facts are heavy, fantasies light — A truth is heavier than a lie Hush, my darling, don’t you cry…”

Earlier this month it was announced that Amaravati will be the new capital of what some have disparagingly called, “the rump state of Andhra Pradesh”. This will not be just any old capital city.