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The real ‘cost’ of that hangover


Before you’re tempted to drink one drink (or two) more than you really should, at that next office bash — would you like to think about the “costs” of your hangover the next morning?

Large parks key to a city’s success

Central Park in the heart of New York city covers a stunning 800 acres

More than half the world’s population now lives in cities.

Surgeons revive heart after death

Representational image

Transplant surgeons have started using a device that allows them to “reanimate” hearts from people who have recently died

'Unethical' targets in Indian private hospitals revealed

MERS, first identified in 2012 and mostly found so far in Saudi Arabia despite outbreaks elsewhere, is a SARS-like disease.

Uethical practices are widely known but public discourse has been lacking

Selfie madness: Too many dying to get the picture

Representative Image (Pixabay)

Selfie has also inspired a spate of risk taking and offensive public behaviour

More men with breast cancer opt for double mastectomies, study says

Representational Image. (Picture Courtesy: AP)

Researchers cautioned that this mastectomy is not always needed

Mythology is basis of all science fiction says French author Pierre Bordage


The relationship of mythology to Science Fiction is close and deep, but not always...

Here's how Indian cuisine essentials can give you glowing skin

Paneer butter masala (File Photo)

Our grandmothers certainly hit the nail by concocting natural home remedies

“I won’t compare you to a summer’s day That’s some dope-junkie’s metaphor I’m sure I’ll find other things to say Compliments I’ve never used before To describe the way your expressions

The agitation of the Patels in Gujarat has once again brought attention to the infuriating business of reservations in education and jobs.