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The sari scientist

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She has made the saree saare jahaan se achha in her own subtle style. A sari scientist, sari historian, sari recorder all rolled into one, Pavithra Muddaya doesn’t like to beat her own trumpet.

Festival of love, satire, drama

Scenes from the play Bhookey Navik.

M.A.S.K and IP Arts Society presented, Panchanan Pathak Smriti Natya Samaroh-2015 at the LTG Theatre over four days.

Ban the Ban-ners

Freedom of artistic expression in India is a complex minefield. While the constitution guarantees it, numerous endeavours are stopped because they might ‘cause a law and order problem’.

Rewriting fine Indian prints

Jaya Jaitly

A unique exhibition that celebrates Indian languages and crafts is being organised in the city at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya (CSMVS) this week.

Autism could be linked to obesity in pregnancy, study says

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Obese women are 47 percent more likely to have a child with autism

Mystery kidney disease linked to global warming

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This could be the first epidemic directly caused by global warming: professor

Spending less face-to-face time with family doubles depression risk

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Meeting your loved ones at least three times a week greatly impacts your mental health

Talking to yourself improves your memory, according to a study

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The best way to remember something is to say it out aloud to yourself

Jaipur Literature Festival releases first list of author participants

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The 2016 edition explores vital issues such as migration, privacy and navigating change

Old Bombay-Delhi battles used to go like this. Delhi : Look at our wide roads, our grand homes, our lovely winter. Bombay: You are an overgrown village. This then changed to —

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is developing the habit of responding only to prodding of the presidential variety. The credit for securing the first response goes to American President Barack Obama.