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Gym etiquette

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The public gym isn’t your personal space to ‘flex your muscle’ so here are a few basics that every man must follow in the gym to not inconvenience other members.

Overeating to woo?

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Men can go to great lengths to impress women. Right from splurging money to building a six pack, men have done it all to stir a woman’s heart.

Share meals for a better workplace

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Firefighter platoons that eat meals together as a group have better job performance than firefighter teams who dine solo, a new study shows.

Why do we stick to outdated tech?


It’s no surprise that Sony Corp. will finally stop manufacturing Betamax videocassettes. Betamax transformed the world’s viewing habits 40 years ago but it quickly succumbed to the rival format, VHS.

Global warming to progress faster than expected: study

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Greenhouse gas emissions from the burning of fossil fuels lead to higher temperatures

Kids don't always follow in parents' political footsteps

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The study appears in the American Sociological Review

Water bears are huge DNA thieves: study


They are 0.020 inches long and move very slowly and clumsily on their eight legs

‘Resurrection plants’ offer hope as climate hostile

As the race to adapt to climate change quickens, a South African scientist is leading global research into developing crops that mimic the extraordinary survival skills of “resurrection plants”.

When less is more

Priyanka Chopra in Bajirao Mastani

Priyanka Chopra is playing the role of Kashibai, the first wife of Bajirao’s Peshwa in the film Bajirao Mastani. I made sure that Priyanka looked naturally exotic.

A time capsule that won’t be opened till 2957


While digging outside of MIT.nano, a brand-new research facility slated to open in 2018, construction workers at MIT unearthed a surprise find: a high-tech time capsule, which was wedged into a pipe i

My word! Are we touchy... or are we touchy? Our skins are getting thinner and thinner by the day.

Even in the most avowed democracies, wars, terrorism, insurgencies and natural calamities ensure the relevance and respect of the defence forces and their veterans.