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People who count likes on Facebook have no sense of purpose in life: study

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A study said such people base self esteem on likes and didn't have a sense of purpose.

Long commute to work? Here’s what to do


Hate your lengthy commute? You’re not the only one — a recent survey found that nearly half of American employees say that their commuting experience affects their time in the office.

'Brad is single', airline announces to capitalise on Brangelina divorce

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Norwegian airlines used the opportunity to promote discounted flights from London to LA.

Fish oil can help bring down depression among soldiers: study

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The study found that soldiers with low levels of Omega-3 in their blood were more likely to commit suicide.

Video: 6-year-old chef from Kerala wows Ellen DeGeneres with traditional 'Puttu'

He became the youngest Indian guest on the Ellen DeGeneres show

The young chef is going places two years after he started his own YouTube channel.

Stalkers and women’s safety

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We get celebrities to give their take on a current issue each week and lend their perspective to a much-discussed topic. This week we talk about:

Using loofahs can have adverse effects on skin: study

Bacteria feeds on the organic matter trapped in the loofah (Photo: AFP)

Loofahs can transmit potentially pathogenic species of bacterial flora to the skin.

A verse that harks to one’s roots

Maya (second from right) with FLOTUS Michelle Obama and fellow poets.

American-Indian Maya Eashwaran recently struck a chord at the White House, when she recited her poem about the fear of forgetting her mother tongue, Tamil. We talk to the teen, who’s now become a youth icon.

Lingering in the bylanes

Enthusiasts who attended the last  Bhuleshwar Bhulbhulaiya walk.

Rediscover your home city through the rose-tinted glasses of a traveller.

The plastic show: Vinyl voyage

(Clockwise) Creations from Valentino and Lacoste.

This fall, designers have zeroed in on one word: plastics. More specifically, PVC or vinyl through a variety of looks.

The Aam Aadmi Party’s rise has been an extraordinary one and, judging by recent trends, its decline promises to be equally clear.

At the BJP national meet at Kozhikode, Kerala, on Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi broke a week-long spell of war-drumming that had broken out after the Uri terrorist attack.