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Needed assurance

To end the turmoil created by the increase in onion prices in the capital, the Delhi government announced that it’ll sell onions at Rs 30 per kg at fair price shops and mobile vans.

Caste rules Bihar

Voters in Bihar are known to cast their vote on the basis of caste. Most regional parties, thus, pander to their votebank in a narrow, parochial way.


At a meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday, Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal spoke about how the Aam Aadmi Party’s image is being tarnished by the war that the Delhi Police is wagin

Questioning Pak

The Pakistani spy agency ISI had nullified reports of Ajmal Kasab, the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack accused, as a citizen of Pakistan earlier and later on provided protective custody to his family.

Prioritise Research

India’s new stance on the high-powered research in the polar region to extract information on global climate change and its effect on monsoon fluctuations is great news.

Gangster War

Rivalry was the driving force behind the murder of an alleged gangster, Raju Ramakant Rao, who was murdered in a revenge killing by the members of a rival gang headed by Deepak Gautam in New Delhi’s G

Erasing palmyra

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is a menace that needs to be wiped out before it wipes out the historic landmarks of Syria.

Nepal’s curse

The disagreement over the division of Nepal into six states as provided by the draft Constitution has led to riots with the plains-dwelling Madhesis and Tharus demanding separate states.

Media Bashing

While minister of state for external affairs Gen. V.K. Singh (Retd) drew flak for calling journalists “presstitutes”, the UPA didn’t think any better of them either.

Farewell Sanga

As Kumar Sangakkara, the fifth-highest Test-scorer of all time, retired from cricket on August 23, he left behind a big void.

No talking, please

The marked increase in firing across the LoC showed that the national security adviser-level talks with India were unacceptable to Pakistan Army Chief Raheel Sharif.

Air India on its last mile

The appointment of Ashwani Lohani, an IRS officer of the 1980 batch, as the new chairman and MD of Air India has evoked interest due to his proven track record.

No duty to vote

Gujarat, under Narendra Modi, made voting compulsory for all citizens starting from the civic body polls in 2009 after issuing a notification to this effect.

Former Bharatiya Janata Party leader K.N. Govindacharya did not have many visitors when he was staying in New Delhi’s elite V.P. House, home and office to many parliamentarians and parties.

A Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court of India is to pronounce whether the right to privacy is a fundamental right or not.