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PM like Mr Modi

Prime minister Narendra Modi is hard pressed to perform when the chips were down after UPA rule.

A better approach

Nobody is against a government celebrating and highlighting its deeds for the year gone by, but does one need to spend crores on advertisements to put the point across, more so when major parts of the

Heartless Indians

It is quite disheartening to know the extent to which racism is now entrenched in the hearts of Indians.

Everest’s pull

The death of some climbers on Mount Everest recently reminds us that such expeditions have turned into a craze, often becoming an ego issue rather than being pure adventure.

Till the last ball

That no match is won or lost until the last ball is bowled came true in the IPL-9 final on Sunday night.

Smoking kills

May 31 is World Anti-Tobacco Day. Young people smoke, despite the warnings on cigarette packs, due to peer pressure and as they think death is very far away.

Horror stories

Following a Congolese student being beaten to death in Delhi, the Centre galvanising the MEA to soothe the temper of the African community is surprising.

Premature elation

Though there are some significant achievements in the economic and social sectors to the credit of the NDA government, its excessive carousing to mark the same are premature.

A wrong attitude

Your editorial Curb racist behaviour (May 27) rightly underlines the need to root out prejudices against Africans.

Justice to all

This is with reference to your news report Modi at 2: I am an MP from UP (May 27).

Clean the mess

This is with reference to your editorial Curb racist behaviour (May 27). Racism runs deep in India not just against African students, but also against its own citizens.

Behave yourself

Dr Subramanian Swamy criticising RBI governor Raghuram Rajan is not good and needs to be condemned.

Timely strategies

Education is a powerful tool. Today the youth are keen on learning new things. Creating right jobs for the educated is of immense importance.

As the dust settles on the recent Assembly elections, what emerges is a bifurcation of the political tendencies of the 2014 general election: if Tamil Nadu and West Bengal reiterated the political val

Are we racist? Of course we are. Most Indians are. In fact, most South Asians are. Some of us are more racist than others. Similarly, some of us are appalled by racism as well.