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Brutal ISIS

After posting a sickening video of an Iraqi policeman being beheaded, the ISIS boasted of slaughtering 1,700 soldiers and, if a UN report is to be believed, the ISIS has ordered genital mutilation of

Unethical protest

The protest by 600-700 UPSC aspirants in Delhi to scrap the Civil Services Aptitude Test is sheer misuse of democracy.

Stop this blame

Almost all media reports about the accident — where 14 children were killed as a school bus collided with a train in Telangana — have blamed the railways for not manning the railway crossing.

Sania is Indian!

What was Telangana BJP leader K.

Misuse of power

Shiv Sena MPs forcing a Muslim catering supervisor of IRCTC to eat during his fast is an extremely degraded reflection of our chosen leaders’ mindset.

Trading rhetoric

Even as the rhetoric on tougher sanctions against Russian policy in Ukraine by the European Union is on the rise, there is wider discord on the implementation level as many European countries have bil

Redefining restrain

It is ironic to hear Israel’s ambassador to the US saying that Israel’s soldiers must be given the Nobel Peace Prize for the unimaginable restraint they have shown.

Love for freebies

It is shameful how former ministers and MPs are continuing to occupy government bungalows they are no longer entitled to.

Teaching woes

The Delhi University administration needs to accelerate its decision-making mechanism when it comes to granting permanent jobs to teachers appointed on ad-hoc basis even when vacancies are available.

Off to Glasgow

As the Indian contingent leaves for the Commonwealth Games 2014 in Glasglow, chances of India bettering its tally are very slim due to various reasons, including the suspension of the Indian Olympic A

Flawed helpline

The safety of people from the Northeast states living in Delhi is at stake. The incident where 30-year-old Akha Salouni was beaten to death in South Delhi is not the first case in the capital.

Stop child trade

A couple in Orissa was allegedly forced to sell their children due to poverty.

katju’s timing

Why Justice Markandey Katju went public with his allegations — that a corrupt judge was allowed to continue because of pressure from a UPA ally — 10 years after the event?

Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche was oracular in his prophecy: “When we are tired, we are attacked by ideas we conquered long ago”. Sixty-two years after the Sino-India border conflict, the Indian state remains obtusely paranoid about making the Henderson Brooks Report public.

Wellington, New Zealand Rarely, if ever, have I written a self-referential essay. However, I had occasion to visit the Te Papa Tongarewa, the National Museum of New Zealand. My leisurely stroll through the museum enabled me to peruse the exhibits with some care.