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China wall at NSG

The much expected bid to secure membership of the 48-nation Nuclear Suppliers Group hit a dead end as China raked up procedural issues.

Kudos to Kumble!

In response to your editorial, BCCI gambles on Kumble (June 25), I would like to state that the BCCI’s recognition of Indian talent by appointing former off-spinner and skipper Anil Kumble as the Indi

Brexit hits all

With India's Sensex opening at a low and continuing to nosedive despite the RBI's infusion of liquidity into the system, the effects of Brexit are more palpable.

Kumble on top

In announcing Anil Kumble’s name as India’s next head coach, the BCCI seems to have chosen well.

British casualties

In response to your editorial, Brexit leitmotif is uncertainty (June 25), I would like to state that apart from the economic uncertainties surrounding it, Brexit is now having a ripple effect across E

Slap on the face

The NSG statement that “participating governments reiterated their firm support for the full, complete and effective implementation of the NPT as the cornerstone” of membership of the elite group soun

Good show, Croatia

Beating two-time defending champions Spain 2-1, Croatia reshaped the knockout stage as the five most prestigious teams at Euro 2016 are on the same side of the bracket now.

Targeting sufis

The killing of Amjad Sabri, one of the most distinguished qawwaals, is the vindication of the fact that hardcore Islamic forces, read Sunni Islam and its doctrinal sub-sects, don’t approve of any othe

Soros’ logic

George Soros’ belief that the UK’s decision to exit the EU would trigger a big sell-off in the pound and a deep fall in household income indicates Britain’s dependence on the EU.

Modi’s FDI mantra

A series of reforms by the Narendra Modi government to increase FDI in many sectors has paved the way to utilise the potential of US-India bilateral trade.

Rape is not a joke

It was completely insensitive of actor Salman Khan to compare his physical discomfort while shooting for Sultan to the plight of a woman who has been raped.

Grow up, shiv Sena

In response to Sidharth Bhatia’s article It’s time for Shiv Sena to expand its horizons, (June 20), I agree with Bhatia that over 50 years, the Shiv Sena, limited to Mumbai and Marathis, has refused t

A common chant

Amid controversies over making yoga compulsory in schools and minorities’ reservations about chanting “Om” or doing Surya Namaskar, the celebration of World Yoga Day on June 21, with active participat

Don’t knock a man when he is down” is an excellent maxim, and that must be the only reason that the knives are not out for Britain’s Prime Minister, David Cameron.

Was it complacency? Or did so many of us just not imagine this could possibly happen? For Londoners Brexit bore specially bad tidings, as they had voted to “Remain”.