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Bengal CM warns cow vigilantes of strict action

Chief minister Mamata Banerjee on Monday lashed out against cow vigilantes, saying they had no right to decide what others should or should not eat.

Mother House in Kolkata a ‘mini-Vatican’

Children (left) seek blessings of Mother Teresa after special prayers at Mother Teresa Church at Dumdum, Kolkata. (Photo: PTI)

The Mother House in Kolkata turned into a mini Vatican City on Sunday after Pope Francis declared Mother Teresa as Saint Teresa of Calcutta, in Vatican City.

The social media is aflame with elated stories, tall stories really, about India’s retaliation for Uri by turning off the spigot of the three western rivers of the Indus basin that flow unhindered int

The nation state is often a litany of the same mechanical rituals, where the same clichés are repeated by politicians, year after year. Gandhi Jayanti is one such event.