Puri king ‘shocked’ at Seer’s humiliation

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The Gajapati king of Puri, Dibyasingha Deb, on Monday expressed his deep shock and anguish over the non-participation of the Shankaracharya of Goverdhan Peeth Swami Nischalananda Saraswati in the Rath Yatra festival on Sunday as the government put restrictions on the seer’s right to climb the chariots and perform puja.

“I’m pained that Jagadguru Sankaracharya could not perform his traditional rituals on the chariots. He is the religious guru of the Hindus. The letter issued by the state government putting restriction on his rights to perform puja atop the chariots is unjust. Neither the state government nor the Sri Jagannath Temple administration has got any authority to infringe upon his religious rights,” the king, who is regarded as the first servitor of Lord Jagannath, said.

The king clarified that when Sankaracharya himself had informed that the temple administration that he would climb the chariots with only two of his disciples, it was a “disrespect” to ask him to come alone.


It is a shame that the

It is a shame that the "government" gets itself involved in spiritual matters and creates chaos.''

The government should take care of unemployment, health care, rape situation, etc. and let the spiritual organizations in peace. After all it is called "secular" government - not pseude-secular!

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