‘Mulayam’ to vote for BSP, ‘Kalyan’ for SP

Mulayam Singh is determined to vote for the BSP while Kalyan Singh, who is all set to cast his first vote in these elections, is rooting for the Samajwadi Party.
Manmohan Singh has been campaigning for the BJP and Rajnath Singh walks around with the Samajwadi flag pinned on to his shirt.
Before you get your politics all wrong, meet this unique family in Hyderabad village in Jalalpur in Akbarpur Lok Sabha constituency where each family member is named after a top politician of the country.
Mithai Lal Bharti, the patriarch of the family, confesses that he has named all his six children after politicians. “I did not allow them to use my surname Bharti since this identifies their caste. I wanted them to become famous and this was the easiest way to do so,” he says.
The eldest son is Mulayam Singh, 23, and then there is Kalyan Singh, 18, Giani Zail Singh, 17, Rajnath Singh, 15, Manmohan Singh, 9 and Bal Thackeray, who is just 5 years old.
Mithai Lal also had a daughter named Jayalalitha, who died a few years ago of snake bite.
Undeterred by inflation, Mithai Lal wants to have more children so that he can name the boys as Arvind Kejriwal and Narendra Modi and if he has a girl, he will name her Sheila Dikshit.
The 50-year-old agricultural labourer candidly admits that he named his children after politicians because he felt that some of their luck would probably rub off on his children and the financial status of the family would improve.
“Mano ya na mano, but we are doing fairly well now. Mulayam Singh is working as a compounder in a doctor’s clinic and is also doing his final year of graduation. Rajnath Singh is working as an apprentice with a local blacksmith. Kalyan Singh and Giani Zail Singh are in their first year of graduation and Kalyan works part-time in a local tent house to contribute to the family income while Giani Zail Singh is learning how to make furniture. Manmohan Singh is in Class 1 while Bal Thackeray will go to school from next year,” says Mithai Lal. Mulayam Singh then joins his father and informs that he is continuing his family’s tradition.
“I have decided to name my daughter Sonia Gandhi. She was earlier called Raman Singh but I am changing her name now,” he says.

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