Maya unimpressed by memorial move

The government has clea-red the decks for the transfer of prime Indu Mill land in Mumbai to Mah-arashtra government for constructing a B.R. Ambedkar memorial. The announcement came ahead of the crucial vote on FDI in Parliament but BSP chief Mayawati appeared unimpressed.
Making the announcement in Parliament on Wednesday, after Ms Mayawati forced adjournment of Upper House on the issue earlier in the day, textile minister Anand Sharma said, “The government of India has taken a view to make available this land for use to the government of Maharashtra for the construction of a befitting memorial... The government has initiated the process to give effect to this decision and I will shortly be moving the necessary legislative propossal for parliamentary approval. I seek the support and endorsement of the House.”
Raising the issue vociferously in the RS, Ms Mayawati demanded that the work on the memorial should be started at the earliest and the minister concerned should be called to the House immediately. The BSP chief trooped into the well in the Upper House forcing adjournment of its proceedings as soon as the House assembled for the day. Ms Mayawati said people have been awaiting for years for a memorial at a land owned by the textile ministry in Mumbai.
“We want government to give an assurance,” she said. Chairman Hamid Ansari said a statement by the government is listed in the agenda and the announcement will be made at noon but Mayawati was unrelenting in her demand that the question hour be suspended and the statement be made forthwith.
“You are a very senior leader,” Mr Ansari told Mayawati and asked members to allow question hour to proceed.
However, with the BSP members continuing with the din , Ansari was forced to adjourn House till noon .When the House reassembled, Minister of State of Parliamentary Affairs Rajiv Shukla made the announcement. But, Mayawati wanted to know how much money would be spent on the memorial, size of land to be alloted and time frame for building it. Ravi Shankar Prasad (BJP) said, “We all honour the great leader as December 6 marked the death anniversary of the leader ...a definite time frame should be set.”
Incidentally, the Government, which does not have numbers in the Upper House, is banking heavily on BSP for a smooth sail during voting on the FDI issue.

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