India, Russia agree on deal for 3rd, 4th reactors

India and Russia have agreed to finalise the long-pending deal for the third and fourth reactors of Kudankulam power plant soon. The decision was taken following a meeting between external affairs minister Salman Khurshid and visiting Russian deputy-prime minister Dmitry Rogozin here on Wednesday.
Sources said the progress made in the Kudankulam nuclear power plant was assessed by both sides during the meeting. It was hoped that by April-May, the nuclear power plant will achieve full capacity.
The two sides also reviewed the “rapid progress” being made on completion of Kudankulam unit two and hoped it would be connected to the power grid before the end of the year.
Further, there was a general agreement to build on the momentum underway and conclude at an early date the general framework agreement on Kudankulam three and four, sources added.
Russia, with whose collaboration the power plant has been set up, is opposed to the project coming under the ambit of India’s nuclear liability laws and wants it to be covered under the inter-governmental agreement on the issue.

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