BJP shows Modi govt’s achievements on YouTube

Union information and broadcasting ministry has released a video listing the achievement of Narendra Modi’s government in its one month of tenure. The video uploaded on the YouTube channel of the I&B ministry is 5.33 minutes long and apart from listing the achievements of the government like constitution of an SIT on black money it also raises concern over the prospects of a bad monsoon and believes it to be a challenge for the new government.

The video, Skill Scale Speed: The New Governance Mantra, shows visuals of Prime Minister Narendra Modi meeting ministers from his Cabinet, secretaries of various departments and also his visit to INS Vikramaditya.
While interspersed with bytes of Mr Modi, the video depicts visuals of his visit to Bhutan, and lists creation of the SIT on black money, raising the height of Narmada dam, release of Indian fishermen by Pakistan and Sri Lanka and dissolution of GoM and EGoMs as several achievements of the Modi government.

The video also gives prominent space to the invitation to Saarc leaders for the PM’s oath-taking ceremony, which has been considered as a diplomatic masterstroke. The video also claims that the Modi government has initiated a new work culture in the government circles. The new work culture promotes punctuality and time-bound completion of work in government establishments.

On the concerns over the prospects of a weak monsoon, the country has been assured that the PM has already directed officials to be prepared for the challenge. The video also claims that the country has seen an increase of 10 percent in the foreign tourist arrival during the corresponding period in 2013.


Great performance Time will

Great performance

Time will tell the difference of what performance is and achievements will speak itself

Be patient

Chirag parikh

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