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Tejasvi Prakash Wayangankar gets candid

Published : Sep 1, 2017, 12:31 am IST
Updated : Sep 1, 2017, 12:35 am IST

The actress, in the eye of the storm for the now-off air Pehredaar Piya Ki, says she’s enjoying time off for Ganeshotsav.

A still from Pehredaar Piya Ki
 A still from Pehredaar Piya Ki

Sony TV’s controversial television show Pehredaar Piya Ki has made all the wrong noises. The story, that showed a nine-year-old boy marrying a woman twice his age had its fair share of detractors. After a petition, the Broadcasting Content Complaints Council (BCCC) asked the show to be taken off the 9 pm slot, and pushed into the 10 pm one. However, that relief was a short-lived one for the team, as the show was unceremoniously taken off air earlier this week. 

However, the show’s female lead, Tejasvi Prakash Wayangankar, is a relaxed woman. “I’m not missing work at all,” smiles the actress. “I’m relaxing at home and taking care of Lord Ganesh. My parents are also happy that I’m spending quality time with them.”

But quiz her on the show going off air and she says, “Actually, I’ve been asked by the channel to not comment on the issue at all. We had a meeting about the issue, and after a regular meeting, the channel decided everything. And we were all okay with it.”

Tejasvi Prakash WayangankarTejasvi Prakash Wayangankar

Is she sad that the show went off air so quickly? “Not at all!” she exclaims. “Why should I feel sad? On the contrary, the audiences loved my performances, and I received loads of positive compliments about my exuberance. It’s indeed sad for the writers, though, who had brought up this social stigma and religious belief about child marriage. They were really putting in a lot of efforts.”

She adds, “I have not decided anything about my future plans with regards to getting more shows or even working in films. I’ve just taken a short break, and now being the festive season, I’m enjoying Ganeshotsav.”

Tejasvi gets visibly excited talking about the festival. “I don’t know since when exactly we’ve been bringing Ganeshji home. When my dad was younger, my daadi (grandmother) would bring Ganeshji home every year. So even I’ve been enjoying this festival from my childhood days,” she smiles.

“In fact,” adds Tejasvi, “This year is the right time I’m at home. Ever since I have grown up, I love taking care of Ganeshji by myself. I plan bringing Him home much in advance. I also chalk out food, dress and other requirements of Ganeshji that have to be taken care of. We keep the idol home for almost seven days. I make food with my own hands during the time, and I don’t like leaving Him alone. Thus, I’m home all the time. Of course, in my absence, if at all there’s an emergency, I know my mother will take care of him.”

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