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Woman cop poses as Nayanthara to arrest phone thief in Bihar

Published : Dec 24, 2017, 10:44 am IST
Updated : Dec 24, 2017, 10:48 am IST

The cop set the popular South actress' picture as her WhatsApp display picture, after which he agreed to meet her.


Patna: Nayanthara would have been unaware about her contribution in cracking a case recently, an incident that is going viral now.

Popular South actress Nayanthara herself would not have known how much of an important role she played in catching hold of a thief in Bihar recently.

That’s because she neither met the criminal, filed a complaint nor provided any evidence, but it’s her photograph that worked wonders for this particular case, according to a report in Gulf News.

A man named Mohammad Hasnain was on the run after stealing Bhartiya Janta Party leader Sanjay Kumar Mahato’s expensive phone in Darbhanga, 150 kms north to Patna.

A complaint was filed at the Darbhanga police station, and the case was handed over to Madhubala Devi, the assistant sub-inspector of police.

The thief had not switched off the phone and continued using it, according to the analysis of the call detail records.

The police tried to arrest him several times, but he managed to give them the slip every single time.

That’s when Madhubala Devi came up with a master plan to honeytrap him by calling him regularly like a ‘girlfriend’. Initially, Hasnain didn’t show any interest to meet, but one day he asked her to sent him her photograph.

Devi then set Nayanthara’s picture as her WhatsApp display picture, after which he fell into the trap.

“He appeared mad with joy after seeing the photograph and agreed to meet me at a place in Darbhanga town. Finally when he reached the designated place, we arrested him with the help of other policemen in civilian clothes,” Devi told the news website.

Like we see in several films, Devi had donned a burqa for the meet to avoid getting recognised.

Hasnain confessed to his crime during interrogation, but claimed that he had bought the phone for Rs 4500 from another person, who was also arrested later on.

Madhubala Devi’s clever idea in nabbing the thief has also prompted the police department to announce a reward for her.

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