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After the promises, Modi must deliver

Mr Modi promises minimum government and maximum governance. As he says, he has got bureaucrats to come to work on time, which is fine, but what about them getting the work done?

At UN forum, Modi looks statesmanlike

Keeping India’s long-held approach in view, the PM worried that there was ‘absence of real peace in the world’, and the future was marked by uncertainty

The political fallout of Jaya’s failing

Jayalalithaa was not just the state chief minister. She was also a leader who was ambitious for her party and herself as far as national politics is concerned.

Modi in America: Resetting US ties

It will be interesting to see how those Indians react who had vociferously opposed the former Gujarat CM and caused a buzz. Mainly from American academic life

Prime Minister Narendra Modi greeted the Indian diaspora in New York with a grand promise: “India will touch new heights.” The crowd of 20,000 Americans of Indian origin erupted in re

Egos or simple ambition? Expediency or strategy? Betrayal or good, old-fashioned politics? What lies behind the big splits in Maharashtra, virtually at the 11th hour before the elections?