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Unstable Pak: India must remain alert

Uncertainties have crept in and favour the Army, India will need to keep a close watch on the Kashmir situation and on developments in Pakistan in the run-up to the Western withdrawal

America, Britain need to be tough

The US stance of not paying ransoms to terrorists is meant to choke them for funds. But what Washington does not understand is that its actions have shored up extremists, though that’s not the intention.

Seeking people’s ideas worth a try

The proposed entity will hopefully give the states the respect they deserve and not treat them as vassals of the Centre. This should also percolate down to the district and panchayat levels.

Looks like Pakistan has made its choice

It is almost as if Pakistan had made up its mind to sacrifice the well-being of bilateral relations on the altar of maintaining in good trim its equation with the Kashmir secessionists

With the foreign secretary level talks between India and Pakistan being iced due to the meeting between Kashmiri separatists and the Pakistani high commissioner, it may be worth recalling an episode from contemporaneous history.

As the old saying goes, “Can you say ‘boo’ to a goose?” Well, in India, we don’t waste our precious time booing geese. We reserve our boos for chief ministers. Each time the Prime Minister steps out to attend important functions in states that are still hanging on to their own non-BJP leaders (with time bombs ticking away), the crowds make sure nobody but Narendra Modi is heard.