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Seeking people’s ideas worth a try

The proposed entity will hopefully give the states the respect they deserve and not treat them as vassals of the Centre. This should also percolate down to the district and panchayat levels.

Looks like Pakistan has made its choice

It is almost as if Pakistan had made up its mind to sacrifice the well-being of bilateral relations on the altar of maintaining in good trim its equation with the Kashmir secessionists

Why Amit Shah picked who he did

PM Narendra Modi and Mr Shah share a special bond. With leverage such as this, Mr Shah could have named anyone at all to the party’s leadership, but he has chosen judiciously, not whimsically.

Giving BIS teeth to be a game-changer

If this brilliant, strategic move by the government is implemented properly, it will boost India’s exports by making more items acceptable in international markets and cut down imports

A political party which seeks a text book start often remains superficial, pretending that the preamble or the introduction remains the real thing. For a party that created a great propaganda machine to devastate the Congress during the election, the Bharatiya Janata Party regime has little to say.

The Narendra Modi government approaching the 100-day mark demands an assessment of its performance. A national television channel even arranged, more a boxing match than a debate, a programme on whether Mr Modi’s foreign policy is continuity or radical change.