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To target Pak, raise costs for its military

The fight against terrorism does need to be given an effective international dimension which translates into economic punishment for Pakistan’s military, which, in real terms, is the permanent regime in Islamabad

Isro sets sights high in global space race

To see our nation progress from the unforgettable vignette of its early space programme, reflected in a rocket being carried on the back of a bicycle in Thumba, Kerala, to where we are now is heart-warming

Eye on UP polls? BJP’s line on Muslims softens

Mr Modi is trying to be solicitous of Muslims. He is saying we should treat them as equal citizens. Who can differ? Among major parties it is only the BJP which has looked at Muslims differently...

On Pak, PM’s voice of sanity is welcome

Speaking at a BJP meeting in Kozhikode on Saturday, a week after the terrorist attack at Uri in Kashmir, the PM appeared to be signalling his cohorts to cool down on hyper-nationalism

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Here and Now

Here and Now
Here and Now
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The social media is aflame with elated stories, tall stories really, about India’s retaliation for Uri by turning off the spigot of the three western rivers of the Indus basin that flow unhindered int

The nation state is often a litany of the same mechanical rituals, where the same clichés are repeated by politicians, year after year. Gandhi Jayanti is one such event.