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Heartbreak for India in the World Cup

Did they try enough and give of their best before they fell is the yardstick Dhoni’s men had to be measured against. On that count, the team may not have passed muster in the semi-final.

Ghar wapsi: What Rajnath really means

While Mr Singh urges the minorities to ‘openly debate’ the issue of conversion, saffronite storm troopers are busy attacking churches and the government seems all but immobile in the face of such provocation

Top court upholds freedom of speech

No one else had immunity from criticism because the only ones protected from annoyance, inconvenience, danger, obstruction, insult, injury, enmity, hatred or ill-will are politicians

The land bill belies PM’s Mann ki baat

Battle lines may have hardened after the PM’s 30-minute exposition of the issue aimed at the farming community in which he described the viewpoint of the combined Opposition as a pack of ‘lies’

Here and NowSudhir Tailang

Here & Now

Here & Now
Here & Now
Here & Now
It has now become apparent to the Narendra Modi government that the manner in which it sought to amend the law relating to acquisition of land is not politically feasible.

If a law has not worked well on the ground, do you toss it out or try and improve its implementation?