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In J&K, clear signals from the governor

Mr Vohra’s decision to name advisers is a virtual announcement that Governor’s Rule in J&K is to stay well beyond the interim period made available to the PDP and the BJP to re-work their relationship

BCCI must toe Lodha panel line

The BCCI was given a long enough rope in a protracted legal battle in which its biggest honchos believed they were above the law and acted in such a manner as to damage the BCCI’s credibility

Indians need to end their race prejudice

Violent and mocking behaviour toward people from Africa speaks to us of the deep-seated racism that exists, although we complain the loudest when made victims of race prejudice in other countries

On Section 377, light at end of tunnel?

The Chief Justice’s view that several questions with ‘constitutional dimensions of importance’ having cropped up is reason enough to believe the issue may be moving in the right direction.

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Though the victory march of the Bharatiya Janata Party that began in 2014 was brought to a halt in 2015 with major setbacks in the Delhi and Bihar Assembly elections, there seems to be a reversal of t

The film Airlift is a commercial success. I was bewildered by its repeated attempts to suppress what is true and suggest what is false.