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Modi’s Sonia attack is tacky politics

A government leader cannot hope to convey a message of achievements by poison-darting political opponents. Even as a fall-back option such a strategy seems faulty.

Too many loose ends for a Janata tieup

It is generally thought that a defeat for the BJP in Bihar is likely to puncture the saffron formation’s hopes nationally, and even personally damage Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s political fortunes

A question between citizen and state

The AAP government would have cracked a very old riddle even if the exercise does not necessarily lead to full statehood for Delhi, which even the BJP has promised over the years

Waiting patiently for ‘achche din’

After high-sounding promises raised expectations sky high, delivery has been lacklustre and the government has come under critical scrutiny even from some key supporters

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Here & Now
Here & Now
The dust is beginning to settle on an extraordinary election result in the UK.

Pakistan’s ludicrous charge that India’s spy agency RAW is behind the Karachi attack on the Ismaili community maybe laughed out of court here, given that the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) claimed re