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New way to select judges seems vital

The sooner we move away from the system of judges appointing judges (the present collegium system) and move in the direction of a Judicial Accountability Commission, the better

Cong-NC breakup in J&K no surprise

The people of J&K are an extremely pragmatic lot, and so are their political representatives. This gives the political space in the state remarkable resilience

A boost for India’s aerospace industry

The opening up of aerospace to Indian private industry serves the important principle that this country’s strategic interests are best served in the long run by Indians themselves

Indian Council of Hindutva Research

The appointment effected by Smriti Irani confirms an individual without a proven professional track record of history-writing to head a leading national body which has crores at its disposal

Here and NowBy Sudhir Tailang

Here & Now

Here & Now
Here & Now
Here & Now

Much as I am tempted to see the fuss over Ved Pratap Vaidik’s posturing as a warning against busybodies and meddlers, wholesale condemnation of what is known as Track Two diplomacy might be unfair.

There is considerable speculation about when the Planning Commission will be reconstituted and who will occupy the largest room in Yojana Bhavan.