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Keep income-tax manuals simple

There is a need for the government to remove all ambiguity from the I-T manuals. Many of them are allegedly framed in a way to give discretionary powers to the tax authorities and a lot of harassment to taxpayers.

Base all quotas on economic criteria

Just as the brahmins and other sections of upper castes cannot be made beneficiaries of caste-based reservation, the system would be hard-pressed to include the Gujarat Patidar into the OBC category

1965 war ‘celebration’ can’t solve problems

Not content with going the Josef Goebbels way, the Modi government is also acquainting us with a slice of Stalinism. It has just made known its intention to ‘rewrite’ the ’65 story in order to portray it as a victory.

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Now that defence minister Manohar Parrikar has complained that a murder story is getting more coverage than the 50th anniversary of the 1965 “victory” against Pakistan, in the coming weeks, the Indian

As frenzy over a young girl’s presumed murder three years ago gripped the media, I wracked my brains to think if I had ever met Sheena Bora while visiting my son when he lived in Bandra, Mumbai.