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Breath of fresh air for Indian cricket

Never short of funds, the BCCI must return to the basics of good governance, with decisions and personnel choices made on merit and record of service than blind allegiance to one man

India faces a Carbon Catch-22

India’s target of tapping clean and renewable energy sources like the Sun, wind, biomass and smart and small hydroelectric dams to bring down dependence on coal to around 60 per cent is unrealistic

Swaraj’s rebuttal at UN is apt & timely

It is unlikely if Ms Swaraj’s home truths will make any difference to the outlook and approach of the Pakistani military to which its politicians are per force wholly subservient

Justice catches up with terrorists

Among all the crimes of the modern era, terrorism still remains the one without any basis in logic as the victims are invariably innocent citizens and hardly constitute a symbol of state power

Here and NowGokul Gopalakrishnan

Here & Now

Here & Now
Here & Now
Here & Now
It’s an old cliche to say that we live in two countries — India and Bharat. The distinction is generally made along the urban-rural divide.

Hell hath no fury like a would-be minister scorned.