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Don’t expect Pak to act on Headley info

Pakistan has twisted and denied any links to terrorists on its soil. The Pakistani military has emerged as a rugged backer of international terrorism by deploying every means to give it succour and cover from scrutiny...

Govt-Opposition friction is counter-productive

The Prime Minister has chosen official functions — in Orissa and in the Northeast — to hit out at the Opposition, indicating he is in election mode as Assembly polls are shortly due in four states. That is a pity.

Navy’s role vital to ensure India’s rise

It is to be hoped that our legislators and policy planners pay sufficient attention to the growth of our Navy and help raise public awareness of the signal contribution they make.

In J&K, clear signals from the governor

Mr Vohra’s decision to name advisers is a virtual announcement that Governor’s Rule in J&K is to stay well beyond the interim period made available to the PDP and the BJP to re-work their relationship

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Here & Now
The import of the constitutional impasse in Arunachal Pradesh goes beyond the technicalities of gubernatorial action and powers that the Supreme Court is ascertaining.

Though the victory march of the Bharatiya Janata Party that began in 2014 was brought to a halt in 2015 with major setbacks in the Delhi and Bihar Assembly elections, there seems to be a reversal of t