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Message is important, not the messenger

We can be concerned about nosy people from beyond our shores, but the warning sign in the line that the country is ‘on a negative trajectory in terms of religious freedom’ is not to be ignored

PM must play his Pak cards with caution

The fundamental problem in making dramatic policy shifts on issues as challenging as Pakistan, committed to the break-up of the Indian state, is that peace must not be an imposition at the behest of an outside force

Will Parliament roll back interest rate cut?

A month has passed since the rates were cut. How many banks have brought down their lending rates? Perhaps RBI governor will look into how far the banks have lowered their interest rates?

After Delhi, curb use of diesel across India

Unless policymakers sit down to think afresh in the light of international examples, India’s cities cannot be saved from devastation by diesel, which has come to assume the proportions of a challenge to civilisation

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Here & Now
Zij astronomy made its debut in India under the patronage of King Firoz Shah Tughlaq who ruled Delhi from 1351 to 1388.

Humour charms. But is humour that draws attention to one’s flaws a high-risk strategy if you are a prominent politician in this country?