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Congress seems in ‘self-disrupt’ mode

It’s not the states but the Centre — more specifically the forum of Parliament — where the post-Lok Sabha election blues of the Congress are most evident. The Congress seems short on sympathisers and collaborators.

New way to select judges seems vital

The sooner we move away from the system of judges appointing judges (the present collegium system) and move in the direction of a Judicial Accountability Commission, the better

Cong-NC breakup in J&K no surprise

The people of J&K are an extremely pragmatic lot, and so are their political representatives. This gives the political space in the state remarkable resilience

A boost for India’s aerospace industry

The opening up of aerospace to Indian private industry serves the important principle that this country’s strategic interests are best served in the long run by Indians themselves

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On Friday N.N. Vohra, governor of Jammu and Kashmir, delivered a speech in New Delhi that was notable for its lucid analysis of the inextricably interlinked external and internal security problems and a series of sound suggestions about how to meet the grim challenges this country faces.

One of the most fascinating things about the 21st century is what I call the return of the body to the centrality of things. The body has become the site for all the major dramas — philosophical, political and ethical.