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Bills will suffer if Lok Sabha stalled

The government has a majority in the Lok Sabha and may be able to get some bills passed. But the Opposition can disrupt the House and not let it proceed with its business.

India, Australia and the Indo-Pacific matrix

India and Australia have signed an economic cooperation agreement as well as a framework defence and security agreement aimed at seeking India’s greater engagement in the Indo-Pacific region

Court should rid BCCI of its ills

Having taken very little action on its own for breach of the first principles of honesty and transparency, the BCCI had to be rapped on its knuckles to awaken it to the damage it had wrought

Save the soul of BCCI

The board should have been stung by the words of the learned judges into thinking clearly, at least now, about what corrective actions can be taken to clean up Indian cricket

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Here & Now
Here & Now
Viswanathan Anand has for the second year running been outclassed in the World Chess Championship by a player nearly 20 years his younger.

Narendra Modi was sworn in as Prime Minister on May 26, 2014, and has clearly won the sprint when his government completes six months in office on November 26.