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Take Vyapam probe outside MP

The issue concerns ordinary citizens who sit for the Vyapam exams but don’t stand a fair chance because senior members of the government favour those who offer money

Greek crisis won’t hit India too hard

The crisis in Greece has been brewing for almost seven years, and despite repeated bailouts its GDP fell every quarter, and today its debt-to-GDP ratio is 174 per cent, despite reforms and austerity measures

A perverse view of crime and punishment

To equate a crime like rape with a common dispute is to trivialise the entire process of passing judgment on criminals who break society’s code

An ideal judgment on same-sex marriage

There is a huge bias against gays in matters of employment. Nor can gays easily find housing as tenants, or even as owners. The equal protection promised by law might help take away some of that bias in the US...

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Here & Now
It was on June 26, 1975, that the Emergency was declared in the country.

The declaration of a state of Emergency in India forty years ago is a matter of debate even now.