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Do not splurge on supposedly green products and discourage sustainability.

How artificial intelligence is poised to transform the world

Is AIs safe? Can they be trusted with real-world responsibilities?.

23 May 2018 2:20 AM

AI has the power to learn, grow

You feel the world is following you because Facebook gives you content which it thinks you like.

23 May 2018 2:17 AM

In biz models, no free lunch even in space

The US is in the forefront in this kind of multiple constellations that are looking at different parts of the world.

17 May 2018 2:14 AM

Deciding who can access satellite data

In fact, data from more than half of all unclassified government Earth observing satellites launched between 1957 and 2016 is restricted in some way.

17 May 2018 2:10 AM

CSA is about power and domination

While one method of CSA is coercive, violent abuse of children, the other processes by which abuses happen are far more insidious.

07 May 2018 4:00 AM

Deterrence theory is outdated

Far more offences against children are committed not only in India but across the globe.

07 May 2018 3:50 AM

Must improve quality of life

While a business-friendly climate is a must, we also need hubs that offer good standard of living.

01 May 2018 2:42 AM

Skill of retaining nation’s talent: Brain drain scene may only worsen

There is a direct relation between per capita GDP and talent retention which is why we haven’t attracted the best lot from abroad.

01 May 2018 2:39 AM

Debate on Aryan migration vs Out-of-India theory unsettled

This led to the academic quest for the

22 Apr 2018 5:49 AM