Live-in relations behind rape spurt: HC

Unsuccessful live-in relationship and breakups of young adults following their immature decisions of getting into commitments are the major reasons for increase in the number of rape cases, according to the Delhi high court.

A bench of Justices Kailash Gambhir and Sunita Gupta also suggested that the parents of young adults should be more sensitive while dealing with such relationship issues.

“One of the major reasons contributing to increase in the rape cases is failure of live-in relationships or any immature decision on the part of such young adults which more often end up in a broken relationship, but sometimes after indulging in physical relationship,” the court said.

The court made the observation while upholding the life term granted to four members of a girl’s family from Delhi. The girl’s father and his three brothers had killed her lover as they didn’t approve of their relationship.

Concerned over the murder of the 24-year-old youth, the court said that the young adults, especially girls, need to be more conscientious and mature while taking decisions about marriage or live-in relationships.

The court also said that the parents need to be more patient, understanding and tolerant while resolving such issues of their children, instead of indifference or with a bent of mind of alienating the two.

“It is often noticed that any impetuous act to smother such relationships often has a backlash in the form of resentful feelings or even rebellious actions. Therefore, it is with great sensitivity that the parents need to acknowledge the growing independence of their children and rationally and dispassionately deal with these emotive issues giving due respect to their feelings,” the bench added.

On the evening of October 14, 2006, 24-year-old Kuldeep was stabbed to death by his lover’s father, Ravi Kumar and three of her uncles Karamvir, Raj Kumar and Sanjay at Uttam Nagar in West Delhi.

The prosecution had argued that the convicts had the common intention of eliminating the victim. The crime was committed, as the accused believed that Kuldeep had damaged their reputation following of his affair with Ravi’s daughter. The court also agreed that Karamvir and Raj held victim’s arms and legs, Sanjay made sure that no one offered any aid to the victim while Ravi stabbed him seven times with a knife. The convicts were sentenced to life terms by the trial court on June 6, 2011 after finding them guilty of murder. “Kuldeep perhaps would not have met such a tragic end and these accused persons perhaps would not have suffered severity of punishment of life imprisonment had they acted in a sensible and mature manner with due patience, tolerance and understanding to resolve the things instead of taking the law in their own hands,” the high court said while upholding the life term of the convicts.

“If the court has observed something then it must be with wisdom but a rapist is a person with a sick mind who targets the innocent victims. There is a need to look rape cases from different perspectives,” said actress Nafisa Ali.


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