EC to webcast 407 critical poll booths

The Delhi Election Commission is to continue with its pilot programme of webcasting the polling process for critical and hypersensitive polling booths in the state. The commission had, for the first-time, introduced the process during December 2013 Assembly elections aimed at ensuring smooth polling and to deter people from indulging in any nuisance on the day.
“We are continuing with the webcasting of critical polling stations, by which we will be able to see all the proceedings happening on the ground in those polling stations on a live basis in our control rooms,” Delhi’s chief electoral officer Vijay Dev said. “All the 407 critical polling stations would be covered with webcasting,” he added.
The commission has identified as many as 90 hypercritical polling stations out of the 407 critical polling locations across the state.
The highly-structured arrangements involve polling stations having a separate video camera webcam for each polling booth, which will live stream all the polling process.
A centralised control room will also keep a constant vigil on the voting process, and the feed would be available on the election commission website.
The centralised control room will be set up at the headquarters of the Delhi election office.

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