BJP vows statehood in manifesto


As Delhi prepares to go to polls on April 10, the Bharatiya Janata Party is all set to release a separate manifesto for Delhi LS polls on Wednesday.
The decision to release the separate manifesto for Delhi was made because the capital will be going for Assembly elections right after the Lok Sabha polls. The Delhi-centric manifesto for Lok Sabha polls states: “BJP commits itself to Delhi’s development.” While promising to struggle for “full statehood for Delhi”, the manifesto also aped the AAP move to set up a helpline to report corruption.
The Delhi BJP manifesto promised to set up “an easy helpline shall be assigned for reporting complaints on corruption.” Inflation, which has been the prime reason for the Congress party’s crushing defeat during Delhi Assembly Elections 2013, the saffron party is likely to promise inflation and control in price reason within a month of voted to power. On the lines of AAP, the saffron brigade is expected to announce a 30 per cent rebate in power tariff and rationalisation of the water bills in the national capital.
Educating the minority population seems to be on the saffron brigade’s agenda as the party aims at setting up of training centres for skill development and setting up a madrasa board for the Muslims. Party sources said that through the manifesto the party will ensure welfare of the unorganised labour population by implementing a minimum wage scheme for the unorganised sectors and easy licensing policies.
In education, the BJP will return to the three-year undergraduate programme rather than the four-year course at present, which has been severely criticised by the students and the teachers. The party according to the sources will also provide scholarships to the students from the economically weaker sections and expanding the infrastructure of all the schools to provide nursery admissions. To ensure the safety and security of the women, sources said that the party has planned to open women police stations in every district and encouragement of self-defence trainings. Sources said special attention has been paid for the youth and the party will set up “Atal Yuva Mission” to facilitate employment generation for youth. Registration of the unauthorised colonies and pucca housing to those living in slums will be provided if the party is voted to power.

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Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche was oracular in his prophecy: “When we are tired, we are attacked by ideas we conquered long ago”. Sixty-two years after the Sino-India border conflict, the Indian state remains obtusely paranoid about making the Henderson Brooks Report public.

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