Jayant V. Narlikar

Jayanti V. Narlikar

Jayanti V. Narlikar

Jayant V. Narlikar

Probity begins at home

I still vividly remember this episode from my schooldays, because of the impression it left on me; impression that has been lasting as well as motivating my action.

The gender games geniuses play

Looking at the history of science and mathematics, it does not take long to appreciate how male-dominated it has been.

Challenge the ego

Considera-ble thought has gone into the question of how to make teaching interesting to the taught.

Where’s science in the bombast?

Were our ancient ancestors scientifically advanced?

Tracing Supernova 1054

Old books and manuscripts provide a measure of the intellectual maturity of the society that produced them. Spread over centuries, they generate a credible story of the evolution of the society.

The latest controversy over Air India reminds me of Singapore Airlines (SIA) dropping out of the bidding in 2001 when the national carrier hoped that partial privatisation would raise enough money to

For rational people, if this breed actually exists other than in the imagination of economists, the most logical way out of the Grexit logjam was for Greece to vote “yes, we can”.