Inder Malhotra


Inder Malhotra

House of discord

For nearly half a century the Parliament of the world’s largest democracy has been disrupted regularly, often on a daily basis, and through such ugly means as drowning the proceedings in constant nois

A cascade of national shame

Judging by what has happened in this country during recent days, it would seem that we Indians are living in what the Chinese would call “interesting times”.

A rejig to propel BJP

Between them, newspaper headlines on Monday “PM inducts go-getters & vote-getters”; “PM balances caste, merit” (why has the regional factor been left out?); “Modi expands cabinet, shrinks some ministe

Dynasty in the dumps

If nothing succeeds like success, nothing fails like failure either.

Prime Minister’s power trip

Civilian nuclear cooperation was an important item on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s agenda during his brisk summit-level diplomacy in September.

This may be Narendra Modi’s government, but India may be on its way to becoming Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s republic. The signs point that way.

The past is another country, said L.P. Hartley and how true that sounds when one looks over the newspapers of just a year ago.