Inder Malhotra


Inder Malhotra

Affairs & break-ups

To say that China and Saudi Arabia are the closest friends and biggest benefactors of Pakistan would be to stress the obvious.

Made in India or not, IAF set to take off

Immediately after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision in Paris to buy 36 Rafale medium multi-role combat aircraft in a “fly-away” condition off the shelf, defence minister Manohar Parrikar declare

J&K’s separate ways

Of the several elements in the awful mess made on Pakistan’s National Day, primarily by the minister of state for external affairs and former Army Chief, General V.K. Singh, enough has been said.

Cry, the beloved country

We are indeed living in what the Chinese call “interesting times”. The real meaning of the term is a time of turbulence and trouble so intense as to cause forebodings about the future.

Bad omen for Jammu and Kashmir

There can be no doubt that with the swearing-in of the new government in the sensitive state of Jammu and Kashmir on Sunday, a historic but uncertain political experiment has begun.

Satta vs sidhant

Since the late 1960s, politics in the world’s largest democracy has been descending to shamefully low standards.

Nervous BJP

In another three days the voters of the national capital, now in the throes of arguably the bitterest battle over a 70-member state Assembly, would have cast their votes.

Arvind Kejriwal’s transfor-mation from an anti-corruption advocate and street fighter to a shrewd hard-boiled politician is a remarkable Indian political phenomenon without parallel.

“Descartes was wrong: To simply be conscious is not to be; Our constant song Is ‘I must make a mark, acknowledge me!’ The mirrored face Is not sufficient evidence that we Are in the race