Friday, Dec 15, 2017 | Last Update : 02:16 AM IST

Patralekha Chatterjee

It’s time to unite India against climate of hate

Shambhulal has been arrested but the clip, filmed by his 14-year-old nephew and uploaded on the social media, has gone viral.

14 Dec 2017 6:17 AM

‘Fixing the air is everyone’s job, says Sunita Narain

I have had many other American commentators, equally well known, who have come and interviewed me but I have always been censored out.

08 Dec 2017 12:34 AM

To empower women, hear what they want

In the Hadiya case, sections of society have labelled the matter a case of “love jihad”.

30 Nov 2017 1:37 AM

Delhi’s foul air: Alarm bells for India’s health

Other cities like Beijing, grappling with poisonous air, have put in place time-bound measures to improve the situation.

16 Nov 2017 12:41 AM

What kind of ‘culture’ needs such violence?

Killing someone or hitting someone in the name of defending ‘Indian culture’ damages it the most.

02 Nov 2017 12:31 AM

Hungry India: Are we angry enough?

The fact is that even if India was a few notches higher, it still would be among the severe cases in terms of the magnitude of malnourishment.

19 Oct 2017 2:47 AM

End child marriages to build a real ‘new India’

If the government now has the sense to not challenge the Supreme Court verdict, it must create such support systems.

14 Oct 2017 1:12 AM

More toilet talk vital for a cleaner India

The Press Information Bureau says over two lakh villages have become open defecation-free.

05 Oct 2017 3:18 AM

Why not rate schools on how safe they are?

If children aren’t safe inside schools, what does it say about the shape of the future to come?

21 Sep 2017 12:29 AM

Don’t ‘normalise’ preventable catastrophes and disasters

Climate change has made disasters much more severe and likely, and there is really no option but to take preventive measures.

07 Sep 2017 12:49 AM