Monday, Sep 24, 2018 | Last Update : 02:42 PM IST

Parsa Venkateshwar Rao Jr

Is there a change in the nation’s mood?

The BJP president soon recovered his poise and told the media in Jharkhand that he wouldn’t respond to Rahul Gandhi’s speeches.

19 Sep 2017 12:48 AM

Will optics be enough to make govt efficient?

The BJP is mostly in a self-congratulatory mood, and Prime Minister Modi leads the way. There is very little of self-criticism.

04 Sep 2017 12:32 AM

To keep cults in check, closer scrutiny needed

In India, most people turn to religion for whatever reason, and many of them fall into the hands of fake gurus.

29 Aug 2017 12:30 AM

For Muslim women, SC verdict is a revolution

There is enough fuzziness in the legal definitions and justifications for triple talaq.

23 Aug 2017 12:32 AM

India at 70: Still young, restless, beset by crisis

India remained an optimist’s country despite widespread poverty and illiteracy.

15 Aug 2017 12:25 AM

In Kashmir, it’s vital to keep democracy going

In the past year and a half, terrorists have been targeting the camps of the armed forces, whether in Pathankot in January 2016 or in Uri.

12 Jul 2017 2:25 AM

A symbolic dalit duel & democratic dynamics

The Indian polity has changed in a great many ways, and dalits can’t be used as political pawns any longer.

26 Jun 2017 12:36 AM

Modi’s biggest test: To get the economy going

Mr Modi’s critics and detractors may want to blame his government for the failure to spur growth. In the first two years, the BJP had an alibi.

14 Jun 2017 12:40 AM

In a changed India, can Cong reinvent itself?

The only official statement that came out of the meeting was with regard to the organisational election schedule.

08 Jun 2017 1:49 AM

After 3 years, coming to terms with reality

The BJP’s victories are its own, and it has every right to celebrate.

26 May 2017 12:17 AM