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Farrukh Dhondy

The Raj & Partition: A relook

Ms Bhutto repeatedly says that the film doesn’t blame the British for Partition.

11 Mar 2017 2:39 AM

Food tussles aren’t real politics

As is the concept of “cultural expropriation” — another idle Western undergraduate shibboleth.

04 Mar 2017 5:33 AM

Will clowns have the last laugh?

There were no deaths through violence of any sort in Sweden on February 17, 2017.

25 Feb 2017 12:49 AM

Culture & the Raj: A look back

Rudyard’s fame has overshadowed the career and contribution of his father, so the exhibition is a welcome reminder.

18 Feb 2017 6:33 AM

UK Speaker speaks against Trump

The Muslims, universally considered to be the butt of Mr Trump’s prejudice have been pushed forward to do it.

11 Feb 2017 1:39 AM

Forget politics, triple talaq must go!

The exercise of democracy in the forthcoming Uttar Pradesh elections has thrown up a very essential, even vital debate.

04 Feb 2017 4:27 AM

If I were Prez Trump’s foreign affairs adviser

Trump ought to take immediate executive action to dynamite the Statue of Liberty, which stands in New York harbour.

28 Jan 2017 12:09 AM

Trump’s line: Boys will be boys

Mr Trump stands accused of assisting the Russian secret services with intelligence on Russian businessmen in the US.

21 Jan 2017 1:23 AM

Can we ‘decolonise’ our minds?

Their “school” was set up in colonial times by British imperialists working through London university to train personnel in oriental.

14 Jan 2017 5:19 AM

Does a writer’s opinion matter?

The statement is an antidote to the opinions that stars who take themselves seriously periodically offer.

07 Jan 2017 7:09 AM