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PSLV-C35 to inject satellites in orbits today

Isro’s PSLV-C35 rocket will launch for the first time eight satellites, including the weather satellite ScatSat-1 into two different orbits on Monday.

Chennai: Lawyer’s son in speeding Porsche kills auto driver

A man driving a Porsche, in an inebriated condition judging by the positive test in the driver’s blood alcohol content, crashed into a dozen autos in Chennai, killing a 29-year-old auto driver in the

“Grab ‘em by the *****, their hearts and minds will follow.” — An American soldier, Vietnam, circa 1960s

After hearing the Pakistan PM’s ramblings on Kashmir at the UN General Assembly last week, one began to wonder how “sharif” (civil or civilised) Nawaz Sharif could possibly be, with or without officia