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Japan begins toilet paper campaign

Children at an elementary school take cover under their desks during an earthquake drill at a school. AFP

A message Japan began delivering Monday is a bit unusual, but true enough: Don’t wait until it’s too late to think about toilet paper.

With a splat, paintball fires into Afghanistan

Men play paintball in Kabul, Afghanistan.(Photo: AP)

The hidden gunman, dressed in long green coveralls and a SWAT-team-style vest and helmet, looks ominous as he takes aim and fires off a short burst.

Michael Clarke heads home for treatment after re-injuring hamstring

Clarke would have scans on his left hamstring to evaluate the extent of the injury. Photo: AFP/ File

Cricket Australia says captain Michael Clarke is heading home for treatment after re-injuring his hamstring in the three-wicket loss to Zimbabwe on Sunday.

Slice of Lady Di’s wedding cake auctioned


A 33-year-old slice of cake from Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s 1981 wedding has sold at auction for $1,375.

Rebuilding Gaza to take 20 years: UN-backed body

An international organisation involved in assessing post-conflict reconstruction says it will take 20 years for Gaza’s battered and neglected housing stock to be rebuilt following the war between Hama

Experimental Ebola drug ZMapp heals all monkeys in study

Liberian health workers outside a home of a man that they believed died from the Ebola virus in Monrovia, Liberia (Photo: AP)

An experimental Ebola drug healed all 18 monkeys infected with the deadly virus in a study, boosting hopes that the treatment might help fight the outbreak raging through West Africa—once more of it c

Cops shoot reality TV show crewman

The suspect fired from the pellet gun before officers returned fire, the police chief, Todd Schmaderer, said.

Egypt raises new charges against Mohammed Morsi


Judicial officials say Egypt’s state prosecutor has raised new charges against the country’s ousted Islamist President Mohammed Morsi, accusing him of leaking secret documents to Qatar, an ally of the

Asia’s old communities vanish amid rapid growth

In this file photo, the Chinatown Gate, a key landmark that was built in 2002 to commemorate the 72nd birthday. (Photo:AP)

Most Asian cities have ignored recommendations to leave their traditional cores intact and bring modern development to outer areas, as many European cities have done

Godzilla stomps back in ultra HD, wires intact

A file photo of a large-size figure of Godzilla in a diorama on display at Cheepa’s gallery in Tokyo. 	— AP

At a humble Tokyo laboratory, Godzilla, including the 1954 black-and-white original, is stomping back with a digital makeover that delivers four times the image quality of high definition.

On July 22, 2014, an international partnership across India, Africa and the US launched the “One Agriculture-One Science: A Global Education Consortium” initiative aimed at revitalising global agricultural education, capacity building and technology transfer.

A few weeks ago a public school in the National Capital Region organised an Id Milan during school hours for students. Not all students were invited to it. During the mid-morning recess, teachers instructed Muslim students to line up and go to the place for the function.