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Ex-NBA star charged with embezzlement

Kermit Washington

Prosecutors have filed charges against former NBA forward Kermit Washington, accusing him of embezzling about a half-million dollars in charitable donations meant to help the needy in Africa and spend

China: Taiwan President is single, hence extreme

Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen (Photo: AP)

Taiwan’s new President is “extreme” in her politics because she’s an unmarried woman lacking the emotional balance provided by romantic and family life, a member of China’s body for relations with the

Belgium detains 4 IS suspects who may have planned attacks

 A Belgian soldier speaks to a police officer outside Brussels Central Station following attacks in Brussels. (Photo: AFP)

They don’t appear to have links to the suicide bombers who struck the Brussels Airport and subway on March 22.

Microsoft's Windows 10 push comes to shove for some users

Microsoft began sending on-screen messages prompting them to download and install Windows 10.

UK looks into Italian claims that WWII submarine has been found

 British Navy is examining its records to check if it is their submarine. (Photo: Orso diving club)

The wreckage allegedly belong to the British navy’s long-lost wreck of the HMS P311 submarine.

Hillary Clinton email use broke federal rules: police report

(Photo: AP)

The inspector general's review also revealed that hacking attempts led forced Clinton off email at one point in 2011.

'Only used once to murder someone', man kills girlfriend, puts weapon on sale

(Representational Image)

The man has been sentenced to 26 years in prison for killing his girlfriend with a machete in Panama.

Brussels police chief injured during anti-austerity clashes

(Photo: AP)

The demonstration was called to protest the center-right government's social and economic policies.

Democratic convention could be messy: Sanders

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders says the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia and his push to make the party more inclusive could get “messy” but asserts in an interview wit

Mother Teresa writings to be published on August 16

Untitled-4 copy.jpg

A collection of previously unreleased writings by Mother Teresa is coming out in August, weeks before the late Nobel Peace Prize winner is to be canonised.

There is a celebratory air about the recent elections in West Bengal, Assam and Tamil Nadu that is intriguing. The celebration is at two levels.

Critic Martin Esslin had coined the term “Theatre of the Absurd” in 1960 to describe the plays written after the Second World War, which were totally unconventional and left people who came to watch t