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Cranston’s candid memoirs throws light on darker moments

Emmy-award winning actor Bryan Cranston. (Photo: AP)

Bryan Cranston seems so far apart from the murderous Walter White that one wonders how he was able to channel such darkness with Emmy-worthy ferocity in Breaking Bad.

Actor McHale imparts funny life lessons

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When thinking of Joel McHale, some may immediately conjure images of the actor in the cult classic Community.

For UK’s Europeans, post-Brexit attacks bring shock and fear


A Polish and EU flag fly outside the Polish embassy in London. Polish ambassador to Britain Arkady Rzegocki has said he was ‘shocked and deeply concerned’ by the hostility toward a community whose presence in Britain goes back to World War II, when Polish pilots fought in the Battle of Britain and a Polish government-in-exile was based in London. ‘The hospitality of British society was very famous, and we appreciate it,’ he said. (Photo: AP)

Amazon's Alexa voice assistant arrives on Fire tablets

 It's meant to complement what users get on other Alexa devices, such as the Echo speaker.

Amazon's Fire tablets are getting the Alexa voice assistant.

ISIS driving hundreds into Mosul, using them as human shields

(Photo: AP)

In one village south of Mosul, Iraqi forces found the bodies of 70 residents who had been gunned down.

Strong earthquakes hit central Italy, spreading panic; no deaths reported

 Rescuers stand by rubble in the village of Visso, central Italy, following an earthquake. (Photo: AP)

A handful of people were treated for slight injuries or anxiety at area hospitals in the most affected regions of Umbria and Le Marche.

Hate is un-American: Father who lost son in Iraq berates Trump from mosque

(Photo: AP)

He said that Trump is peddling hate and no less than the 'future of the earth' is at stake in the Nov. 8 election.

Coal ash not culprit for cancer-causing contaminant: study

(Photo: Pixabay)

There is overwhelming evidence that coal ash basins are not impacting water quality in neighbor wells.

Cholesterol test for 1-year-olds could be helpful: study

(Photo: Pixabay)

The study also revealed parents who had the condition but didn't know it, and had passed it on to their children.

League Cup: Juan Mata strike sinks Manchester City

(Photo: AP)

In the London derby, Wesh Ham got the better of their illustrious opponents Chelsea, who fielded a few fringe players on Wednesday night.

Udan — the new regional air connectivity scheme — is not likely to get the aam aadmi to fly, but it will correct the historical wrong done to the air transport business in India.

Hitler lent dignity and prestige to the German government within a short time by establishing a strong administrative setup. He created the vast state of Greater Germany.