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That Beats all: An American Idol-like talent competition app


This photo provided by Chosen shows a screenshot from the talent competition app, "Chosen." The former CEO of Beats Music, David Hyman, is behind the new app, which debuts this week, for invitees on Apple devices.

Facebook Messenger is the medium


CEO Mark Zuckerberg gestures while delivering the keynote address at the Facebook F8 Developer Conference in San Francisco on Wednesday.

Sky is limit for seasoned English actor Bill Nighy

Bill Nighy

Most people these days binge on The Walking Dead or House of Cards. Bill Nighy binges on Virginia Woolf.

Kleiner Perkins says all Pao is aiming for is a huge payout


Jurors who will decide the outcome of a gender discrimination lawsuit against a prestigious Silicon Valley venture capital firm are set to hear more closing arguments on Wednesday, a day after attorne

World Cup 2015: ‘Brave Proteas’ earn nation’s praise

For once, South Africa were spared the ignominy of being labelled as ‘chokers’.

Led by unexpected praise from the nation’s outspoken sports minister, South Africa went easy on its cricket team after another painful loss at the World Cup.

Slavery taints global supply of seafood


Mozet (clockwise from above), a former slave from Myanmar, one of the several who escaped, cuts planks from a tree to earn money for food. Because the men were brought to Indonesia illegally—AP

Ramen is no ordinary food for Japanese

A bowl of miso ramen soup at the Shin-Yokohama Raumen Museum in Yokohama, Japan.—AP

There are two kinds of ramen in this world. There’s the packaged staple of dorm-room cuisine, one of the most processed, industrialised foods ever invented.

US: Taliban swap soldier a deserter

Bowe Bergdahl

US Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, a former Taliban prisoner in Afghanistan, was formally charged on Wednesday with desertion and misbehaviour before the enemy, and could be sentenced to life in prison i

Barack Obama authorises support for Saudi airstrikes in Yemen

President Obama has authorised US logistical and intelligence support for Saudi Arabia as it launches airstrikes on Houthi rebels in Yemen.

Egypt, Saudi plan ground operation in Yemen

Egyptian security and military officials said Saudi Arabia and Egypt will lead a ground operation in Yemen against Shia rebels and their allies after a campaign of airstrikes to weaken them.

It has now become apparent to the Narendra Modi government that the manner in which it sought to amend the law relating to acquisition of land is not politically feasible.

If a law has not worked well on the ground, do you toss it out or try and improve its implementation?