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Pope Francis: Four women to be made saints

Pope Francis (right) greets Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI at the end of a consistory for the creation of new Cardinals—AFP

Pope Francis announced Saturday that he will elevate four women to sainthood in May, all nuns who lived in the 19th century and founded Catholic orders — one French, one Italian and two Palestinians.

OK to spank kids if their dignity unhurt, says Pope Francis

Pope Francis

Pope Francis has said that it’s okay to spank your children to discipline them as long as their dignity is maintained.

Pope Francis tells clergy: Never try to cover up child abuse cases

Pope Francis and Kiribati President Anote Tong (left) exchange gifts during a private audience in the Vatican—AFP

Pope Francis has sent Catholic clergy a powerful reminder of their duty to stamp out sexual abuse of children by priests, warning that they must never let a fear of scandal lead to cover-ups.

Pope Francis decries ‘scandal’ of Ukraine Christians at war

Pope Francis shares a word with Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, president of the Pontifical Council for Families (right).  AP

Pope Francis has denounced the surge in fighting in eastern Ukraine, saying it was a “scandal” that Christians were fighting among themselves.

Pope to new cardinals: No more flashy parties

Pope Francis is warning his new cardinals to keep the partying to a minimum and keep their egos in check when they are formally elevated at a Vatican ceremony next month.

Pope says his consern for poor comes from Gospel

A seagull flies near the window as Pope Francis reads out his Sunday Angelus prayer in the Vatican on Sunday.— AP

Pope Francis is insisting that his concern for the poor and critique of the global economic system isn’t some novel, communist-inspired ideology but rather the original and core “touchstone” of the Ch

Pope condemns ‘graft’ in Rome

Pope Francis leaves at the end of a mass at St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican on  Thursday. 	— AFP

Pope Francis condemned on Wednesday administrators and criminals in Rome who allegedly pocketed public funds meant to help poor migrants, saying the eternal city needed a “spiritual and moral renewal”

Pope slams ISIS brutality in his Christmas message

Pope Francis condemned the “brutal persecution” of minorities by ISIS insurgents in his Christmas message on Thursday and urged people not to be indifferent to the suffering of so many around the worl

Pope Francis names French cardinal as camerlengo

Pope Francis attends a meeting in the Paul VI Hall at the Vatican on Saturday. 	— AP

Pope Francis on Saturday named French Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran as the new camerlengo, or chamberlain, the cardinal who runs the Vatican after the death or resignation of a Pontiff.

No Pope-Dalai meet as Vatican toes China line

Pope Francis will not meet the Dalai Lama when the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader visits Rome this weekend, a Vatican spokesman said Thursday — a decision apparently seeking to avoid upsetting China.

The “Budgetometer” and its elsewhere equivalent played the real hero — caught in between the ecstatic urge to give a 10-plus and the understandably unreasonable rush in search of a negative score, it

Listening to Suresh Prabhu presenting the Railway Budget, I wondered whether he was really promising to bring back the halcyon days of luxury on the rails. But no, he can’t and won’t.