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Iran to boycott Frankfurt Book Fair over Salman Rushdie’s appearance

British novelist Salman Rushdie (Photo: Twitter)

There is a $3 million reward offered by Iran for anyone who kills Rushdie

Rushdie’s Frankfurt invite angers Iran

Salman Rushdie poses during the promotion of his new book, Two Years Eight Months And Twenty-Eight Nights in Madrid, Spain. —AFP

Iran has threatened to boycott next week’s Frankfurt Book Fair because organisers have invited the author Salman Rushdie, who still has a fatwa against him, as a guest speaker.

First Iranian Haj dead flown home

An honour guard carries coffins of Iranian Haj pilgrims at Mehrabad airport in Tehran. (Photo:AP)

The first bodies of Iranians killed in a stampede at Haj arrived home from Saudi Arabia on Saturday after a controversial nine-day delay and questions over the final death toll.

Iran honours dead as more haj victims return home

(Photo: AP)

A second plane returned the bodies of 114 pilgrims from Saudi Arabia to Tehran

First plane carrying dead from Haj disaster arrives in Iran

Saudi authorities say 769 pilgrims died in the stampede near Mecca in the worst disaster to strike the annual pilgrimage

Iran appears to have lost the largest number of pilgrims, with 464 dead

Iran’s Haj stampede death toll soars to 464

Iran on Thursday nearly doubled its death toll from the Haj stampede to 464, giving up hope of finding missing pilgrims alive after a tragedy that has sparked a major row with Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Haj disaster toll rises higher with Iran's 465 dead

Pakistan, India, Indonesia and Iran all have said the toll may be higher than what the kingdom has presented. (Photo: AP)

Nearly 600 people from around the world remain missing after stampede

Iran nearly doubles its Haj stampede death toll to 464

(Photo: AP)

Iran on Thursday said that those missing were all likely to have died

Iran says return of Haj dead delayed

The repatriation of Iranians killed in the Haj stampede in Saudi Arabia has been delayed until at least Wednesday, officials said, citing administrative problems and difficulties in identifying victim

Iran holds anti-Saudi protest over deaths

Iranian worshippers chant slogans while attending an anti-Saudi protest rally. (Photo: AP)

Iranian authorities organised a demonstration against Saudi Arabia’s management of the annual Haj on Friday as it mourned 131 nationals among 717 pilgrims killed in a crush outside Mecca.

Old Bombay-Delhi battles used to go like this. Delhi : Look at our wide roads, our grand homes, our lovely winter. Bombay: You are an overgrown village. This then changed to —

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is developing the habit of responding only to prodding of the presidential variety. The credit for securing the first response goes to American President Barack Obama.