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US reporter to face Iran spy charges next week

The Washington Post’s Tehran correspondent Jason Rezaian, in custody for 10 months, will appear in court next week accused of spying and other crimes against Iran, his lawyer said Tuesday.

Tehran gets a makeover with Matisse, Van Gogh

Drivers and millions of commuters used to spending hours in Tehran traffic jams have at least had something nicer to look at during journeys this week: famous works of art.

Iran: New tech makes censorship redundant

The Internet and the proliferation of satellite technology mean Iran can no longer control foreign news and television broadcasts, the country’s culture minister said on Sunday, urging a new approach.

India, Iran sign pact to develop Chabahar port

Notwithstanding US objections, India on Wednesday went ahead with the signing of an agreement with Iran for the development of the strategically important Chabahar port which will give India sea-land

Delivering Islamic guidance is not duty of police, says Rouhani

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani (Photo: AP)

Unorthodox ‘devil-worshipping’ hairstyles, tattoos banned

Iran to try Post journalist as spy

The detained Washington Post journalist Jason Rezaian faces trial for espionage and three other charges including “collaboration with hostile governments”, his lawyer said on Monday.

Iran, Afghanistan join hands against ISIS

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani shakes hands with Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani (right)—AFP

Afghanistan and Iran announced Sunday plans for enhanced security cooperation to combat threats from the ISIS group, including possible joint military operations.

Khamenei: Iran nukes are US myth

Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei urged his armed forces Sunday to increase their “defensive preparedness”, denouncing a US warning that military action is an option if there is no nuclear deal.

Iran, United Nations call for Yemen ceasefire

Iran has called for immediate peace talks between Yemen’s warring parties, official media said Friday, as rebels backed by Tehran battle loyalist forces supported by Saudi-led airstrikes.

Iran halts pilgrimages to Saudi

Ali Jannati

Iran has suspended pilgrimages to the Muslim holy places in Saudi Arabia in protest at an alleged sexual assault attempt against two teenage Iranian boys, the culture minister said Monday.

The dust is beginning to settle on an extraordinary election result in the UK.

Pakistan’s ludicrous charge that India’s spy agency RAW is behind the Karachi attack on the Ismaili community maybe laughed out of court here, given that the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) claimed re