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Higher Chinese wages hit global retail


Changing economic cycle in China to disrupt Western markets

French far-right National Front wins first Senate seats

Three years after France’s Upper House Senate made its first ever swing to the left, the right has clawed back a majority, with the far-right National Front winning seats for the first time.

Three Frenchmen charged over suspected terror links

Three Frenchmen arrested in Turkey after travelling to Syria were charged Saturday with planning terrorist acts, one of their lawyers said.

Muslims in France to rally against beheading

French Muslims were on Thursday called to rally against the “barbaric” beheading of a hostage by Algerian jihadists with links to radical Islamic State, formerly known as ISIS, militants.

France to clamp down on smoking


Introduces plain packs, ban on e-cigarettes & smoking in cars with kids

Nicolas Sarkozy graft case suspended

Nicolas Sarkozy

A corruption and influence-peddling investigation launched in July against former French President Nicolas Sarkozy has been suspended, days after he dramatically anno-unced a political comeback.

France to probe ‘jihadist’ bungle

Security snag lets suspected terrorists waltz out of French airport

‘Not in my name’, Muslims tell ISIS

As ISIS extremists call for random murders throughout Europe in Allah’s name, the continent’s Muslims are hitting back with mass peace demonstrations and a Twitter campaign to say “not in my name”.

Nicolas Sarkozy announces return to politics

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy jogs in Paris. — AFP

Says he ‘could not remain a spectator’ over France situation

Bayern blitz City

Bayern Munich’s Jerome Boateng celebrates scoring against Manchester City during their Uefa Champions League Group E — AFP

Schalke hold Chelsea, easy victory for Barcelona

Prime Minister Narendra Modi greeted the Indian diaspora in New York with a grand promise: “India will touch new heights.” The crowd of 20,000 Americans of Indian origin erupted in re

Egos or simple ambition? Expediency or strategy? Betrayal or good, old-fashioned politics? What lies behind the big splits in Maharashtra, virtually at the 11th hour before the elections?