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Germany, France, UK seek EU meet on crisis

Germany, France and Britain made a joint call on Sunday for an urgent meeting of EU interior and justice ministers to find concrete measures to cope with the escalating migration crisis.

Thieves rob hotel safes posing as Gulf tourists

Two men have been arrested in France suspected of stealing safes out of a dozen hotel rooms by posing as wealthy Gulf tourists, armed with a chisel and a stethoscope, the police said on Saturday.

British Library rejects Taliban trove

Academics have criticised the British government for creating a “climate of fear” after the national library declined to store the world’s biggest collection of Taliban-related documents over concerns

Rooney ends goal drought in style

Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney celebrates his second goal against Club Brugge in their Champions League playoff - AFP

A Wayne Rooney hat-trick fired Manchester United back into the group stage of the Champions League with a 4-0 win, 7-1 on aggregate, in their play-off second leg at Club Brugge on Wednesday as Lazio

Migrants or refugees? A fraught debate


A young girl of a migrant’s family creeps under a barbed fence near the village of Roszke, at the Hungarian-Serbian border on Thursday. — AFP

Two French journalists arrested for blackmailing Moroccan king

Morocco's King Mohammed VI (Photo: AFP)

Dupont-Moretti said the Moroccan leadership filed a lawsuit in Paris

France: Train gunman hit with terror intent charges

Prosec-utors have charged a Moroccan man over last week’s attack on a high-speed French train, acc-using him of a “targeted and premeditated” jiha-dist assault that would have ended in carnage had pa

Malmo knock out ex-champs Celtic


Malmo’s Nikola Djurdjic (left) and Markus Rosenberg celebrate in their Champions League play-off second leg match against Celtic at the Malmo New Stadium in Sweden on Tuesday. The hosts won 2-0. — AP

Manchester United, Lazio aim for group stage berths

Manchester United play Club Brugge in their Champions League play-off second leg at Jan Breydelstadion in Brugge on Wednesday.

Manchester United are looking to complete the job over Club Brugge in their Champions League play-off second leg on Wednesday while Italy’s Lazio may have slightly more to do to secure a place in the

Liliya Shobukova to serve life ban

 Liliya Shobukhova

Liliya Shobukhova will still be excluded for life from all the world’s major marathons despite a reduction in her doping ban from WADA on Monday.

As frenzy over a young girl’s presumed murder three years ago gripped the media, I wracked my brains to think if I had ever met Sheena Bora while visiting my son when he lived in Bandra, Mumbai.

A great Zen master, in charge of the monastery of Mayu Kagi, owned a cat, who was the real love of his life.