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Designer wheat fails anti-aphid field test


The scientific quest for pest-resistant crops suffered a blow on Thursday when disappointed British researchers announced their designer wheat failed to repel aphids in the field.

French police probes attack suspect

The French police interrogated a suspected Islamist Saturday as they tried to piece together an attack in which the man put his boss’s severed head on display in the second jihadist attack to hit Fran

US spied on last 3 French Presidents: WikiLeaks

Chirac, Sarkozy, Hollande were targeted

Indian airlines need to get fares right, says Boeing

Bullish on Indian aviation market, top aircraft maker Boeing has said that operating environment has improved for airlines in the country but there is a need to get the airfare metrics right to make p

Paris, Budapest in Olympic race

Paris and Budapest are set to enter the race for the 2024 Olympics on Tuesday and with more cities watching it could become a classic narrowly fought contest.

Philae dials Earth: ‘Doing very well’


Europe’s robot lab Philae phoned home on Friday after several days silence in its journey towards the Sun on the back of a comet and is “doing very well’, the German Aerospace Center (DLR) said.

Analysts use Twitter, YouTube to pinpoint strategy of ISIS

Tweets and YouTube videos by fighters from the ISIS group have allowed analysts to pinpoint their movements in Iraq and Syria, highlighting the group’s increasing push towards government strongholds.

Airbus to increase India sourcing to $2 billion by 2020

An Airbus aircraft (File photo; Photo: AP)

Airbus employs more than 5,000 people in its units in India

A minute will last extra ‘leap’ second on June 30

The leap second is not something that needs to be added to that old clock on your mantelpiece

It was on June 26, 1975, that the Emergency was declared in the country.

The declaration of a state of Emergency in India forty years ago is a matter of debate even now.