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Micro-pacemaker to treat foetus with heart block

(Representational image)

US researchers have developed the first fully-implantable micropacemaker designed for use in a foetus with complete heart block.

That Beats all: An American Idol-like talent competition app


This photo provided by Chosen shows a screenshot from the talent competition app, "Chosen." The former CEO of Beats Music, David Hyman, is behind the new app, which debuts this week, for invitees on Apple devices.

Star Wars standalone Rogue One in 2016, Episode 8 in 2017

Disney tantalised Star Wars fans on Thursday with details of two new films, as the reinvention of the blockbuster sci-fi franchise went into light speed.

Blurred Lines stars told to pay $7m to Marvin Gaye heirs

A US jury on Tuesday ordered pop stars Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams to pay more than $7 million in damages to Marvin Gaye’s family, ruling the pair copied his music in writing their 2013 mega-hi

More determined for feminism after nude photo hoax: Emma Watson

Emma Watson (Photo: AP)

Harry Potter actress Emma Watson says the threat to leak her alleged nude photos immediately after her 2014 UN speech on feminism did not dampen her spirits and made her more passionate for the cause.

Harrison Ford survives crash landing

Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford added a plane crash to an aviation record that includes both mishaps and public service.

Crackdown on ‘maternity tourism’

US investigators launched dawn raids Tuesday on dozens of locations dotted around Los Angeles suspected of offering “maternity tourism” services for Chinese mothers wanting to give birth to gain citiz

Los Angeles cops fatally shoot homeless, shows video

This YouTube grab shows policemen taking guard after shooting a homeless man dead in Los Angeles on Sunday.

The Los Angeles police fatally shot a man on Sunday in an incident that was caught on video and circulated widely online, with the department saying officers resorted to deadly force after the man had

Star Trek fans pay tribute to Spock

  Leonard Nimoy (above) died in Los Angeles on Friday.

Veteran actor Leonard Nimoy, who delighted sci-fi fans worldwide with his iconic turn as the pointy-eared half-human, half-Vulcan Mr Spock in the Star Trek TV series and films, died Friday aged 83.

Catwoman is bisexual


Superhero Batman’s enemy and romantic interest Catwoman, Selina Kyle, has come out bisexual in the latest issue of Catwoman comic book.

The verdict of the Tis Hazari trial court (in State v.

A month has elapsed since the alliance of convenience — People’s Democratic Party-Bharatiya Janata Party — came to power in Jammu and Kashmir.