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Intact WWII aircraft carrier found in Pacific

Experts have discovered a World War II US aircraft carrier that is “amazingly intact” despite languishing on the bottom of the Pacific for more than 60 years.

Man injures thumb playing Crush Crush


In a bizarre case, a 29-year-old man in the US ruptured a tendon in his thumb after playing puzzle game ‘Candy Crush’ on his smartphone non-stop for over a month.

Arrest warrant issued for Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Pop star Justin Bieber faces an arrest warrant by an Argentine judge, who claims the singer failed to respond to summons related to allegations that he ordered bodyguards to attack a photographer in 2

US: California police caught in controversy

Deputy sheriffs in southern California were under investigation Friday after a TV news helicopter caught them on video kicking and beating a suspect who was fleeing on horseback.

JK Rowling hints at new Harry Potter book

Author of the Harry Potter series JK Rowling (Photo: AP)

Celebrated author J.K. Rowling says there is always a possibility of another Harry Potter book.

YouTube soon to give users ad-free user experience

YouTube will soon give viewers the option of paying a monthly fee to skip ads.

US court: Yoga is not a gateway to Hinduism

Yoga taught in a public school is not a gateway to Hinduism and doesn’t violate the religious rights of students or their parents, a California appeals court ruled Friday.

Joni Mitchell recovering quickly, claims website

Joni Mitchell

Folk music legend Joni Mitchell’s condition was improving at a Los Angeles hospital, according to the website of one of the symbols of the Woodstock generation.

Heir to Getty fortune found dead


Los Angeles police Captain William P. Hayes speaks to the media in the Hollywood Hills area of Los Angeles on Tuesday. (Photo: AP)

Micro-pacemaker to treat foetus with heart block

(Representational image)

US researchers have developed the first fully-implantable micropacemaker designed for use in a foetus with complete heart block.

When William Blake published his The Tyger in 1794, he carefully replaced the usual “i” of “Tiger” with a “y” in order to suggest the extraordinariness of the apocalyptic beast.

Official visits by heads of state or government are like vital surgical operations — if you come out of the operation theatre alive and are back in your room, it is deemed a success.