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Keira Knightley wearing wigs for past five years

An assortment of photo from Keira Knightley’s career during the wig-era

Actress Keira Knightley is known for her stunning natural beauty on the big screen and the red carpet.

Small, cool horror films scare studios


A new wave of low-budget “smart” horror movies is challenging the studio behemoths with a recipe that swaps gratuitous gore and elaborate special effects for good old-fashioned suspense.

Pokemon Go bans players caught cheating


People who cheat in Pokemon Go will now be banned from playing the augmented reality game, thanks to its developer which is cracking down on violators.

Painkillers may work differently for men, women

Painkillers and antidepressants may work differently in men and women as the potential therapeutics are rarely tested in females, a new study has claimed.

‘Kids watch their parents to decide which foods to like’


Parents, take note! If you want your baby to love broccoli, you better like it too, because the little one is watching you to learn which foods are good and bad, researchers say.

Darth Vader’s return in teaser

The second trailer for the hotly-anticipated Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was released on Thursday — giving fans the first new footage of Darth Vader in more than a decade.

Slain Sikh Marine family hurt by Donald Trump’s remarks

Voicing support for a fallen Pakistani-origin American soldier’s parents who had come under attack from Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, the family of a slain Sikh Marine has said they

‘Single people have richer social lives’


Single people have richer social lives and more psychological growth than those who are married, according to a new study which found that individuals who are not in a relationship have a heightened s

Pixar-inspired robot has big personality


A new palm-sized robot is vying to become a favourite toy, equipped with a cheeky personality and hopes for a possible future entertainment franchise.

Family of Star Trek actor sues Fiat Chrysler

The parents of the late Star Trek movie actor Anton Yelchin sued Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV for negligence and product liability on Tuesday over the rollaway crash of a Jeep Grand Cherokee that kill

So, finally, there was a silver lining to the dark clouds over India’s Olympic participation, as a bonus a bronze one too. P.V. Sindhu and Sakshi Malik, thank you for giving us reasons to exhale.

The frequency with which the word “sedition” has been crashing into the front page or prime-time television news of late is tragic, terrifying and ridiculous.