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Hosni Mubarak defends self, denies killings

Egyptian medics and Army personnel escort Hosni Mubarak from a helicopter ambulance following a hearing in his retrial. AFP

An Egyptian court said it will deliver its verdict in the murder trial of Hosni Mubarak on September 27, in a session on Wednesday in which the ousted strongman passionately defended his 30-year rule.

ISIS beheads, crucifies 25 in Syria

Displaced Iraqis from the Yazidi community gather for humanitarian aid on the Iraq-Syria border. AP

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) has crushed a pocket of resistance to its control in eastern Syria, crucifying two people and executing 23 others in the past five days, a monitoring group

Egypt court dissolves Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing

The decision follows the designation of the Brotherhood as a “terrorist organisation” in December last year after Mr Morsi’s ouster

Top cleric urged to mull Brotherhood leader verdict

An Egyptian court asked the top religious authority on Thursday to reconsider his decision to reject its death sentence against the leader of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood and 13 supporters on charg

Israel PM justifies ‘proportionate’ attack

Palestinian relatives of Islamic Jihad militant Shaaban al-Dahdouh, who was found under the rubble. AP

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu defended Israel’s month-long conflict against Hamas in the Gaza Strip, in which hundreds of Palestinian civilians were killed, on Wednesday as “justified” and “propor

John Kerry, Hammond urge Hamas to accept truce

US secretary of state John Kerry spoke Thursday to his counterparts in Qatar and Turkey, which support the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas, as he pressed for a Gaza ceasefire.

Clashes between rival militias in Libya kill 47


Clashes between rival Libyan militias fighting for control of the international airport in the capital, Tripoli, have killed 47 people over the past 24 hours, Libya's health ministry said.

37 Morsi supporters get life term

Cairo, July 5: Muslim Brotherhood’s supreme guide Mohamed Badie and 36 other Islamists were on Saturday sentenced to life by an Egyptian court for involvement in deadly protests last year after milita

Sisi won’t interfere on jailed journos

Egypt’s President on Tuesday said the authorities will not interfere in the judiciary, as protests were staged worldwide in solidarity with Al-Jazeera journalists, including an Australian, whose jaili

Unjust: Verdict sparks outrage across world

John Kerry

An Egyptian court on Monday sentenced three Al-Jazeera journalists, including Australia’s Peter Greste, to jail terms from seven to 10 years in a verdict denounced as “unjust” and “appalling”.

A political party which seeks a text book start often remains superficial, pretending that the preamble or the introduction remains the real thing. For a party that created a great propaganda machine to devastate the Congress during the election, the Bharatiya Janata Party regime has little to say.

The Narendra Modi government approaching the 100-day mark demands an assessment of its performance. A national television channel even arranged, more a boxing match than a debate, a programme on whether Mr Modi’s foreign policy is continuity or radical change.