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Egypt says it has found plane wreckage

 Egyptian journalist holds candle and a poster supporting EgyptAir during  candlelight vigil for the victims of EgyptAir flight

The investigating committee has identified several main locations of the wreckage.

Tut’s dagger was ‘made from meteorite’


The gold mask of King Tutankhamun is seen alongside a dagger found in the wrapping of his mummy in a composite image. The dagger is now confirmed to be made of iron from a meteorite. (Photo: AP)

Crashed EgyptAir beacon detected in Mediterranean


Egyptians look at posters of the 66 victims of the EgyptAir MS804 flight that crashed in the Mediterranean Sea during a candlelight vigil near the Cairo Opera House. (Photo: AFP)

Beacon from EgyptAir plane crash detected, search narrows

Egyptian Armed Forces spokesman shows part of the wreckage from EgyptAir flight 804.

French naval ship specialized in underwater searches will help search for the black boxes.

Investigators play down EgyptAir explosion theory

The head of Egypt’s forensics authority dismissed a suggestion on Tuesday that the small size of the body parts retrieved since an EgyptAir plane crashed last week indicated there was an explosion on

‘Smoke alert on plane before crash’

Smoke was detected inside an EgyptAir plane shortly before it plunged into the Mediterranean with 66 people on board, investigators said on Saturday, offering clues but no answers about why it crashed

Families of EgyptAir victims struggle to accept loss

EgyptAir crash victims (Photo: AFP)

'She doesn't want to believe it.I told her to switch off her phone, but she said, what if Samar calls?' said a victim's family member.

EgyptAir wreckage found at sea


An imam consoles film director Osman Abu Laban (right), who lost four relatives in the plane crash, following prayers for the dead in Cairo. (Photo: AFP)

‘Terror, not technical fault, likely reason for crash’


A relative of a passenger who was flying aboard EgyptAir Flight MS804 cries as family members are transported to a gathering point at Cairo airport. (Photo: AFP)

EgyptAir crash may be terror attack; 66 feared dead

French President Francois Hollande attends a national conference on Handicap at the Elysee Palace in Paris. (Photo: AP)

An EgyptAir flight from Paris to Cairo carrying 66 people crashed in the Mediterranean on Thursday with wreckage found off the Greek island of Karpathos, as investigators probed whether it was downed

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Last weekend, the world woke up to yet another mass shooting. This time, it was a gay night club in Orlando, Florida, that took the hit. The massacre left around 50 people dead and 53 more injured.