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Spying row escalates as China targets US ‘double standards’


Beijing summoned the US ambassador and accused Washington of double standards on Tuesday as a diplomatic row escalated over the unprecedented indictment of five Chinese military officers for cyber esp

China ‘uses channels’ to warn North Korea over Nuclear test

China has used various diplomatic channels to warn North Korea not to conduct a fourth nuclear test, multiple China-based diplomatic sources told Reuters, after the reclusive state renewed its threat

China hits out at Asean over South China Sea issue

China on Monday lashed out at the Asean for backing Vietnam over tensions in the South China Sea sparked by Beijing’s deployment of an oil rig in disputed waters and asked the 10-member grouping to st

China slams Hanoi over deadly riots

Beijing on Thursday accused Hanoi of acting in concert with anti-China protestors who have killed at least one Chinese citizen in demonstrations against the deployment of an oil rig in disputed waters

Chinese accuse GSK of bribery


Chinese police on Wednesday said they had charged the British former China head of drugmaker GlaxoSmith-Kline PLC (GSK.L) and other colleagues with corruption, after a probe found the firm made billio

‘US fuelling border issues’

China accused the United States Tuesday of emboldening Asian nations in their territorial disputes with Beijing, as diplomatic exchanges over the latest maritime row grew sharper.

Beijing plans $14 billion airport

Beijing plans to build a new 86 billion yuan ($14 billion) airport in the south of the Chinese capital as congestion continues to clog runways and gates at Beijing Capital International Airport (0694.

China slams US, Japan over South China Sea standoff

China on Friday warned of “additional measures” if the situation in the South China Sea is not deescalated and criticised the US and Japan for making “irresponsible statements” on its current stand of

If elections come, can conspiracy theories be far behind? With bypolls around the corner, Uttar Pradesh is abuzz with talk of a sinister plot of young Hindu women being tricked into marriage by Muslim men, and made to convert to Islam. Over the past week there has been a flood of reports about “love jihad”.

Peace is at the best of times a tenuous proposition in relation to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Even as the world hopes the new indefinite ceasefire that has brought 50 days of bloodshed to an end will last, the real causes of the conflict have been put to the side, rather than resolved.