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Grandfather defends appeal to expel HIV positive boy

The grandfather of a Chinese HIV-positive boy has defended his support for a petition to banish him from their village, media reported Saturday, in a case that has sparked intense soul-searching in Ch

Sony hack adds to security pressure


Faced with rising cybercrime like the attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment, companies worldwide are under pressure to tighten security but are hampered by cost and, for some, reluctance to believe th

China village votes to expel HIV positive boy

The plight of an eight-year-old Chinese boy with HIV, reportedly ordered to leave his village by 200 petitioners, sparked intense online soul-searching Thursday in a country where discrimination again

Asia to become world's largest e-commerce market: report


Retail sales in Asia to grow by an average 4.6 per cent on a volume basis to USD 7.6 trillion

PLA copter shot down drone over Beijing

A suspicious low-altitude drone flying in the restricted airspace of the Chinese capital that sparked a major security alert and delayed a number of commercial flights, was shot down by the PLA milita

Xinjiang city bans Islamic veil

The capital of China’s western Xinjiang has banned the wearing of Islamic veils in public, the regional government said on Thursday, in a move experts worry could spark more unrest in the troubled reg

China general, caught with $98 million

Gu Junshan

A top Chinese general, under scanner for corruption, was found to have 60 houses, 400 kgs of gold jewellery and expensive works of art amounting to a staggering over $98 million, a state media report

Chinese Net regulator welcomed at Facebook campus

Lu Wei, China’s top Internet regulator, may not welcome Facebook to his house, but he’s certainly welcome at Facebook.

China raps Philippines over Hague arbitration

China denounced the Philippines on Sunday for putting it under pressure with an international arbitration case over disputed waters, and refused again to participate a week ahead of a deadline to resp

A Tamil radio that connects China to Chennai

A 25-year-old Chinese broadcast journalist Liao Liang speaks Tamil with such a fluency that will make a native speaker of the language feel envious.

The verdict of the Tis Hazari trial court (in State v.

A month has elapsed since the alliance of convenience — People’s Democratic Party-Bharatiya Janata Party — came to power in Jammu and Kashmir.