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China to step up scrutiny of Internet technology

China to step up scrutiny of Internet technology

China’s government announced on Thursday it will examine information technology for possible security flaws, a move that comes amid tensions with Washington over accusations of cyber spying.

Xinjiang blasts claim 31 lives

At least 31 people were killed and 90 others injured in a series of explosions in an open-air market in Urumqi, capital of China’s restive Xinjiang provin-ce which is home to mostly Muslim Uighu-rs, t

China to build Pak’s first metro

China will build Pakistan’s first metro rail system in Lahore in Punjab province.

Furious China terms US a ‘mincing rascal’

Chinese state media labelled the United States a “mincing rascal” and “high-level hooligan” on Wednesday in response to Washington charging five Chinese military officers with hacking US companies to

Spying row escalates as China targets US ‘double standards’


Beijing summoned the US ambassador and accused Washington of double standards on Tuesday as a diplomatic row escalated over the unprecedented indictment of five Chinese military officers for cyber esp

China hits out at Asean over South China Sea issue

China on Monday lashed out at the Asean for backing Vietnam over tensions in the South China Sea sparked by Beijing’s deployment of an oil rig in disputed waters and asked the 10-member grouping to st

China ‘uses channels’ to warn North Korea over Nuclear test

China has used various diplomatic channels to warn North Korea not to conduct a fourth nuclear test, multiple China-based diplomatic sources told Reuters, after the reclusive state renewed its threat

China slams Hanoi over deadly riots

Beijing on Thursday accused Hanoi of acting in concert with anti-China protestors who have killed at least one Chinese citizen in demonstrations against the deployment of an oil rig in disputed waters

Chinese accuse GSK of bribery


Chinese police on Wednesday said they had charged the British former China head of drugmaker GlaxoSmith-Kline PLC (GSK.L) and other colleagues with corruption, after a probe found the firm made billio

‘US fuelling border issues’

China accused the United States Tuesday of emboldening Asian nations in their territorial disputes with Beijing, as diplomatic exchanges over the latest maritime row grew sharper.

On July 22, 2014, an international partnership across India, Africa and the US launched the “One Agriculture-One Science: A Global Education Consortium” initiative aimed at revitalising global agricultural education, capacity building and technology transfer.

A few weeks ago a public school in the National Capital Region organised an Id Milan during school hours for students. Not all students were invited to it. During the mid-morning recess, teachers instructed Muslim students to line up and go to the place for the function.