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China evades response to troop presence in PoK

China on Monday dodged a direct response to reports of presence of PLA troops at a forward post in the PoK and said it “regretted” that the media keeps “popping up” stories of incursions into the Indi

China to set up maritime ‘judicial centre’

China plans to set up an “international maritime judicial centre” to help protect the country’s sovereignty and rights at sea, its top judge said on Sunday.

China evades response to presence of its troops in PoK

 People's Liberation Army troops had recently crossed into the Indian side in the Ladakh sector. (Photo: AFP)

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman denied reports of recent incursions by People's Liberation Army.

Presence of Dalai Lama at UN upsets China

Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama. (Photo: AP)

China has lodged a protest with the UN for inviting the Dalai Lama to its conference in Geneva saying that the Tibetan spiritual leader is a separatist and not entitled to talk about human rights.

Amid sea disputes, China to set up maritime 'judicial centre'

 Zhou said about 16,000 maritime cases were heard by Chinese courts last year, the most in the world. (Photo: AFP)

China disputes a group of uninhabited islets with Japan in the East China Sea, and also claims most of the South China Sea.

Beijing to begin civilian flights to disputed island

China will begin civilian flights to and from a disputed South China Sea island within a year, state media reported on Friday, as the government expands infrastructure on islands and reefs also claime

Chinese parents sell baby daughter for iPhone


In a shocking incident, a Chinese couple allegedly sold their 18-day-old baby daughter for $3530 to buy an iPhone.

Chinese propaganda machine places hopes in cartoon rappers

Deputy director of Xinhua All-Media Service Li Keyong (right) and video editor review an animated political cartoon. —AP

What’s the world’s largest propaganda organ to do when it finds itself struggling to get TV drama-obsessed young Chinese to pay attention to the latest raft of Communist Party slogans?

China aims to be a tech power by 2020


China's government has highlighted big data, encryption technology and “core technologies” such as semiconductors as the key elements of its push to grow into a tech powerhouse, according to a new fiv

Tibetan delegates wear loyalty pins to China Congress


Delegates, wearing pins of images of Chinese President Xi Jinping and former leaders, arrive at the Great Hall of the People to attend the opening session of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) in Beijing, on Thursday. — AP

In a move smacking of breathtaking insensitivity, the Haryana government chose the eve of Ambedkar Jayanti to announce that Gurgaon would henceforth be known as Gurugram.

There is a belief amongst members of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) that high voter turnout in the recently-concluded Assembly elections in Assam will go in their favour on May 19, the day of counti