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Hong Kong protesters accuse officials of hiring thugs

Pro-democracy protesters build a barricade on the main road in the occupied areas outside the government headquarters. AP

Chaos erupted in central Hong Kong Monday as dozens of masked men rushed barricades at the city’s main pro-democracy site, sparking renewed accusations that authorities are using hired thugs to disper

China: US hand behind Hong Kong protests

Accusing the US of “manipulating” the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, China on Saturday claimed that an American official, who was linked to the Tibetan and Xinjiang’s separatist movements, met w

Samba Boys take on Argentina

Brazil star Neymar at a practice session before their friendly against Argentina

Brazil coach Dunga on Friday warned Beijing’s choking smog was likely to affect the highly anticipated friendly with Argentina by forcing him to make mass substitutions.With an “orange” pollution aler

Hong Kong protesters regroup after government rejects talks

Pro-democracy protesters attend a rally in the occupied areas outside government headquarters in Hong Kong’s. AP

China slams US for sending ‘wrong message’ to HK demonstrators

Korea’s Kim Jongun limping, but still calls shots

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has aggravated a leg injury he suffered in late August or early September that needs three months to heal, but remains fully in charge of the country, a source with acc

China irked by FBI chief claim


China accused the United States on Thursday of faking facts, after the head of the FBI said that Chinese hacking likely cost the US economy billions of dollars every year.

China tells US, India to back off

Beijing reacts to Indo-US statement over dispute, asserts no third party should interfere

China won’t let Dalai Lama return to Tibet

Beijing on Wednesday dismissed the possibility of the Dalai Lama’s return to Tibet, days after the exiled spiritual leader indicated he was in contact with Chinese officials over a historic pilgrimage

Tibet police becomes a military body

China has upgraded the status of Tibet’s top police force to that of a military body, recognising its key role in maintaining peace in the troubled Himalayan region which has witnessed anti-Beijing pr

Meet expensive, vicious Tibetan Mastiff

Dog, used as status symbol, bred to protect sheep from wolves in Tibet

The Archers and Test cricket: words you rarely find in the same sentence and more’s the pity as there’s not much else that can give greater innocent pleasure.

For those younger Pakistanis born in the 1990s and later, the country’s growing dysfunctionality and its slipping further behind in the global comity of nations across a wide front, has seemed to be t