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Xi Jinping's reform push faced 'fierce resistance': Report

Chinese President Xi Jinping. (Photo: AFP)

Xi carried out unprecedented anti-corruption campaign

Usain Bolt ready to take on Gatlin


Usain Bolt and the controversial Justin Gatlin will get the world championships off to an explosive start when they take their rivalry onto the Beijing track in the 100m heats on Saturday.

Nothing i can do about doping: Usain Bolt

Olympic and world sprint champion Usain Bolt has been saddened by the focus on doping in the run-up to the world championships but said it was up to all clean athletes, not just him, to save the sport

Usain Bolt all set to strike Beijing

Jamaican athlete Usain Bolt at a press conference ahead of the World Championships in Beijing - AFP

Not for the first time, sprint king Usain Bolt — arguably world sport’s most recognisable figure — is shouldered with the burden of not only racing against and beatingproven doping cheats, but also br

Beijing curbs speculation in property

Officials try to prevent bubbles from forming in realty market

Sergey Bubka confident of winning poll

Sergey Bubka on Monday denied he was the underdog in the battle for the IAAF presidency with Sebastian Coe, insisting he was ‘very confident’ of victory between two legends of track and field.

Judgment Day for Bubka, Coe today

Athletics legends Sergey Bubka and Sebastian Coe will go head-to-head Wednesday in their bid to become president of the sport’s world body, with the winner facing a major overhaul to salvage the dopin

China media: It’s India’s turn to be global factory

It is now India’s turn to emerge as the “factory of the world”, according to an article in Chinese official media, citing the economic downturn in China forcing companies to turn to India for manufact

Lenovo cuts 3,200 jobs as sales, profit slide

Shares of Lenovo PCs slid nearly 9 per cent last week (Representational Image)

Shares of Lenovo PCs slid nearly 9 per cent last week

China's PLA boasts of rockets more powerful than US, Russia


The battalion's long-range multiple rocket launcher made its public debut during the Tiananmen Square military parade in 2009. It was introduced as an effective complement to the PLA's surface-to-surface strike arsenal, composed of tactical missiles and traditional artillery guns. (Photo: AFP)

It’s an old cliche to say that we live in two countries — India and Bharat. The distinction is generally made along the urban-rural divide.

Hell hath no fury like a would-be minister scorned.