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Barack Obama calls for US-China anti-terror cooperation

Calling for strong US-China anti-terrorism cooperation to fight the ISIS terror group, President Barack Obama on Tuesday also denounced the violent acts of Xinjiang-based ETIM militant outfit, which h

‘Obama and Putin are odd couple at Beijing summit’

A few brief encounters between Mr Barack Obama and Mr Vladimir Putin during an Asia-Pacific summit in China on Tuesday spoke volumes about the chilly state of relations between the United States and R

Vladimir Putin’s shawl gesture puts China in fix

Russian Prez Vladimir Putin(right) wraps a shawl around Peng Liyuan, wife of Chinese President Xi Jinping (second from left)— AP

It was a warm gesture on a chilly night when Vladimir Putin wrapped a shawl around the wife of Xi Jinping while the Chinese President chatted with Barack Obama.

Meryl Streep, Stevie Wonder to get Medal of Freedom

Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep, Stevie Wonder and Tom Brokaw are among the latest Americans tapped to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom, US President Barack Obama announced Tuesday.

Xi Jinping and Shinzo Abe meet amid big-power rivalries at Apec

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe with Chinese President Xi Jinping at the Beijing National Aquatics Center in Beijing. AP

Obama announces visa deal; Xi asks Putin to continue to ‘harvest the fruits of their friendship’

US wants China ‘to do well’: Barack Obama

US President Barack Obama walks with Chinese President Xi Jinping during Apec Summit. AP

Obama is tempering expectations for a thaw in relations between the United States and North Korea, saying the secret talks to free two American prisoners were not the precursor to nuc-lear negotiations

China unveils Mars rover after India’s Mangalyaan

Seeking to catch up with India’s Mangalyaan mission, China has unveiled its Mars rover being developed to scurry the Red Planet’s surface for signs of water and life and plans to test it in the rugged

Xi Jinping offers China-driven ‘Asia-Pacific dream’

Thailand’s PM Prayut Chan-O-Cha (left) shakes hands with China's President Xi Jinping (right) during their meeting— AFP

China Prez warns on Taiwan independence, backs HK chief; Xi, Putin to ‘gather fruit’ of deepening ties

China and Japan agree to mend ties

China’s President Xi Jinping with world leaders after a photo session prior to the “Dialogue On Strengthening Connectivity — AFP

Foreign ministers hold first talks after 2 yrs, move paves way for talks at Apec

China pledges $40 bn for Silk Road project

Mr Xi said the Silk Road fund will be ‘open’, and welcomed investors from Asia and beyond to ‘actively’ take part in the project

When our public sector is much in news whether it involves privatisation or disinvestment, it is worth recalling whether they are good corporate citizens, especially when they are monopolies.

How many deaths will it take to realise that too many young women in their prime have needlessly died?