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China: Man told to change daughter’s ‘poetic’ name

A Chinese court has declared “illegal” a “poetic” name given by a father to his daughter, as under the new rules parents have to name their wards after close relatives to discourage new trends of fash

Yoga, Tai Chi, Pagoda tour on PM Modi’s China agenda

Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks during the Global Exhibition on Services at Pragati Maidan. (Photo: PTI)

In China, hectic preparations are underway for Mr Modi’s visit expected to take place from May 14 to16

‘Ignoring terror sanctuaries, an error’

Pakistan made an “error” in ignoring terrorist sanctuaries in its tribal areas and China’s concerns about Xinjiang militants holed up in the country are valid, a senior Pakistani diplomat said on Mond

Xiaomi facing 'growing pain' of counterfeit products

Xiaomi CEO said their sales would have doubled or tripled if there were no counterfeits

Chinese jail senior journalist 7 years for state secrets ‘leak’

Gao Yu

A Chinese court on Friday convicted a 71-year-old journalist of leaking state secrets and jailed her for seven years, it said, with rights groups condemning the “arbitrary” verdict as a “blow to free

Karmapa: Incarnation Dalai’s prerogative

Tibetans' spiritual leader the Dalai Lama arrives at Narita International Airport in Narita, near Tokyo. (Photo: AP)

Buddhism’s 3rd largest leader responds to China’s stand over Dalai’s right to abandon ‘reincarnation’

Segway: Chinese copy buys cat


Ninebot buys Segway only months after being accused of copying its designs

Tibetan autonomy not up for discussion: China

Beijing threw cold water Wednesday on the possibility of re-launching talks with the Dalai Lama, saying greater autonomy for Tibet was “not up for discussion” and accusing the spiritual leader of back

China to boost security in anti-terror push

China will establish a national population database linked to ID information and credit records, state media reported late on Monday, as part of a larger push to beef up surveillance and security in r

China curbs visits to Hong Kong

China on Monday imposed restrictions on travel to Hong Kong, limiting the number of visits to “one visit a week” to ease the tension over the growing number of mainland Chinese visitors flocking to th

The Narendra Modi government has suspended the registration of Greenpeace India under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 2010, (FCRA) for 180 days, preventing it from receiving any foreign funds

The Hindu Council UK has prepared its own “manifesto”, a list of demands submitted to political parties ahead of next month’s elections in the United Kingdom.