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China combines India, Pakistan PLA commands

China has for the first time integrated PLA area commands overseeing India and Pakistan as part of sweeping reforms under which the world’s largest Army is to junk its Soviet-era model for a US-style

China looks at a future of electric helpers at robot conference


In a martial artist's white silk pyjamas, a man practised tai-chi in harmony with a motorised arm at a Beijing exhibition showcasing a vision of robots with Chinese characteristics.

China will put officials in Tibetan monasteries

China will deploy officials in Tibetan Buddhist monasteries to guard against continued overseas influence of separatism on monks in its north-western Qinghai Province, in an apparent bid to counter th

China: First womb transplant successful

A 22-year-old woman successfully received a womb donated by her mother after doctors performed their first uterus transplant in China, giving hope to more women struggling with infertility but the rar

Outspoken Miss World Canada denied entry to China

Canada’s Miss World contestant Anastasia Lin poses at Hong Kong International Airport on Thursday. (Photo: AP)

Miss World Canada was barred from entering China on Thursday to take part in this year’s pageant in the southern island province of Hainan, a friend of the outspoken Chinese-Canadian contestant said.

Chinese stocks fall after probes of brokers launched

Representational Image.

The Shanghai Composite Index on Friday fell 5.2 per cent before recovering slightly

China combines India, Pak military commands in sweeping reform

Chinese soldiers (Photo: AFP)

The overhaul is aimed at moving towards a Western-style joint command

China discovers biggest accounting scandal

China’s securities association said on Wednesday that CITIC Securities had inaccurately inflated its derivative business by 1.06 trillion yuan ($165.92 billion) in a report submitted in September.

Xi Jinping to reform, modernise Army

China will shake up its military by establishing a joint operational command structure by 2020 and rejig existing military regions as part of overall reforms, President Xi Jinping said in a comments r

China to build world's largest animal cloning centre

Representational image (Photo: Pixabay)

The main building of the center is already under construction

My word! Are we touchy... or are we touchy? Our skins are getting thinner and thinner by the day.

Even in the most avowed democracies, wars, terrorism, insurgencies and natural calamities ensure the relevance and respect of the defence forces and their veterans.