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China warns US, India over South China Sea

China on Thursday responded to a Reuters report that the US and India are discussing joint naval patrols in the disputed South China Sea, warning that interference from countries outside the region th

Beijing supports Hong Kong after New Year violence

 A rioter tries to throw a litter bin at police on a street in Mong Kok district of Hong Kong. (Photo: AP)

Protesters hurled bricks at police and set fire to rubbish bins in Mong Kok, 64 people have been arrested.

China: Communist party doles out cash

China’s Communist Party has found a new way to court technology-savvy web users, setting phrases by President Xi Jinping as the password for electronic “red envelopes” of online cash offered ahead of

China governor fired for 'disloyalty' as Xi tightens grip

(Photo: AP)

Accusations appear to show expansion of Xi's anti-corruption campaign to include those who fail to profess fealty to his leadership.

Avoid raising rocket launch tensions, China tells N Korea

 North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un (Photo: AFP)

The North was believed to be making preparations for a test launch of a long-range rocket.

Dalai Lama portraits seized in China

A Chinese province with a large Tibetan population has ordered shopkeepers to hand in portraits of the Dalai Lama, state-run media said on Wednesday, quoting Beijing experts likening the Nobel laureat

China pilots told to rise above prostitution, gambling and drink

(Photo: AP)

China Airline Pilots' Association noted in an open letter that 'very few' pilots were selfish or hedonistic.

Dalai Lama portraits confiscated in China

 Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama. (Photo: AP)

The aim was to 'crack down on pornography and illegal publications, which include portraits of the Dalai Lama', ahead of Lunar New Year.

Chinese ship to search for missing MH370 plane in Indian Ocean

(Photo: AP)

'Dong Hai Jiu 101' will join search for the Boeing 777 plane on February 10.

Nearly 100,000 Chinese travellers stranded


Massive queues outside the Guangzhou railway station in southern China’s Guangdong province on Tuesday. Tens of thousands of people are travelling to celebrate the Lunar New Year. (Photo: AFP)

Air power is the most capital-intensive means of war. A modern fighter jet now could cost several hundred crores and the prices seem to be rising exponentially.

I returned to India in August 1946 after serving in Burma and Indonesia during the Second World War.