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Ready to sort out dispute fast: China

President Pranab Mukherjee (Photo: PTI)

On the eve of President Pranab Mukherjee’s visit, China on Monday struck a positive note saying that both the countries have been taking positive steps to manage the border dispute and that it is read

China wants to extend its Nepal rail link to India: media

China's railroad is expected to reach Nepal border by 2020. (Photo: AP)

This rail line makes it possible to connect China to India as from Rasuwagadhi to Birgunj, which borders Bihar is only 240 km.

China: Will cut off ties if Taiwan won’t toe line

Beijing warned Taiwan it would cut off critical contacts with the island if its new President Tsai Ing-wen does not state her support for the concept that there is only “one China”, state media report

Hyundai poaches Bentley exterior designer


After poaching Bentley’s design chief last year, Hyundai Motor Co said on Monday that it has also secured the services of the luxury ma-rquee’s exterior designer.

Media silent 50 years after Cultural Revolution

Exactly 50 years ago, China embarked on what was formally known as the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, a decade of tumult launched by Mao Zedong to revive communist goals and enforce a radical

China flays US report, says it damages trust

China on Sunday accused the US of “severely damaging” mutual trust as it hit back at the Pentagon for issuing a “hyped up” report on Chinese military capabilities that “deliberately distorts” its defe

Personal data of China elite purportedly leaked on Twitter


The purported personal details of numerous Chinese business moguls and poltically-connected elite have been posted to an anonymous Twitter account, an embarrassing leak for authorities that has raised

China says US report hypes up its so-called military threat

 (Photo: AP)

China expressed its 'strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition' to the Pentagon report, Yang said.

Barbarians need lesson in Chinese manners: Paper

The British media is riddled with “barbarians” who would benefit from a lesson in manners from China’s ancient civilisation, a state-run newspaper said on Thursday after Queen Elizabeth II called some

China techies asleep on job, with boss’ nod


Dai Xiang has slept his way to the top.

The 40-year-old Beijinger got his start as an engineer, pulling 72-hour shifts at a machinery company while catching naps on the floor.

Wandering about the near empty streets of a somnolent Lisbon on Sunday it seemed incredible that for years I was expressly forbidden to visit the Portuguese capital. Not me alone. No Indian could.

This is the first time that an election result in a Northeast state has got so much attention in the so-called national media.