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Rahul Gandhi goes on a sabbatical

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi who has gone on a few weeks leave. (Photo: AP)

Rumours fly: For introspection, or protest leave?

Rahul Gandhi unhappy with Sonia Gandhi loyalists?

Rahul Gandhi

If insiders are to be believed, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi and his supporters want complete control over the organisation, but Congress president Sonia Gandhi differs after realising that he

Tough session ahead for government

The government’s floor managers would have a tough time seeking the Opposition’s cooperation in the passage of crucial bills and running Parliament during the Budget Session beginning Monday.

Bihar’s Yadav votebank has Congress thinking

The Congress is assessing whether the Yadav votebank, which has been controlling Bihar politics for a long time, will remain intact, split or vote tactically in the coming state Assembly polls.

AAP may cost BJP upper caste support in Bihar

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) could damage the BJP’s support base among the upper castes in the upcoming Bihar Assembly polls.

As Congress draws a blank, questions over Rahul Gandhi leadership

Supporters of Priyanka Vadra hold a demonstration at the Congress office in New Delhi on Tuesday. 	— PTI

The Congress’ failure to open its account in the prestigious Delhi Assembly polls has again put a question mark on the leadership of Rahul Gandhi.

After Delhi, Bihar next battleground

After Delhi, the focus will be on battleground Bihar where Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants to demolish Mr Nitish Kumar, BJP’s friend-turned-foe.

Talk of Congress, BSP UP alliance

Talk of a Congress-BSP alliance for the coming Uttar Pradesh Assembly election has begun in political circles at a time when the BJP is finding it difficult to check the Aam Aadmi Party in the crucial

Shiv Sena may dent BJP Hindu base in Delhi

Will the Shiv Sena make a dent in the BJP’s Hindutva support base in the crucial Delhi Assembly polls next month?

The “Budgetometer” and its elsewhere equivalent played the real hero — caught in between the ecstatic urge to give a 10-plus and the understandably unreasonable rush in search of a negative score, it

Listening to Suresh Prabhu presenting the Railway Budget, I wondered whether he was really promising to bring back the halcyon days of luxury on the rails. But no, he can’t and won’t.