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‘Worrying decline in AIDS funds’

International experts have warned that future declines in number of AIDS patients and HIV drug prices are under threat, if donors continue to decrease their investment, as it is happening now.

Elton John may back LGBT fight in India

British singer Elton John (Photo: AP)

The lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community may get a major boost in their fight for legal acceptance by British singer Elton John.

HIV infections increase at ‘worrying’ 2.5 million a year

Here is the bad news: The ambitious target to end AIDS by 2030 seems like a distant dream, if figures are to be believed.

Urgent need for action in fight against HIV/AIDS: UN

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (Photo: AP)

In a big reminder to countries like India, that risks losing ground in fight against HIV due to funding crisis, the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Monday cautioned of an immediate and

Ending AIDS a distant dream as pace of HIV infections worry researchers

 Experts estimate that 38·8 million people were living with HIV in 2015. (Photo: AP)

Research by Global Burden of Disease says HIV infections have increased in between 2005-2015 in 74 countries.

Gene therapy likely to be future of HIV fight

Even as leading scientists and researchers said that eliminating the deadly HIV virus will be difficult, gene therapy is now seen as most likely to be the future method to fight the virus.

Government bid to mainstream transgender persons

In a major shift, the government and the civil society have joined together to pave the way for transgender people and sex workers to be mainstreamed by linking them with major government schemes.

Low-cost care model for diabetics in India

Simple interventions involving care coordinators empowered with IT based techniques can help improve blood sugar levels in patients with diabetes in India.

Government to make it easier to offer PG medical courses

In a significant step to fix problems that limit the expansion of postgraduate medical education in the country, the government is considering to allow medical institutions to start postgraduate medic

‘Women as misogynistic as men’

After the incident where members of the Rajasthan women’s commission were caught taking a selfie with a rape victim, guidelines on how to deal with such cases are in the offing.

“‘I have nothing to confess,’ said the spider Confronting God Yama at the gate Then opening his jaws a little wider He accounted for everything he ate. Flies, fleas and moths he trapped

India’s federal structure calls for the division and sharing of powers on a territorial basis between the Centre and states.