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Call of duty: Historically, women don’t skirt warfare


The role of women in war has been misrepresented down the ages. It’s time India got over its Victorian hangover.

Censorship: Pahlaj Nihalani’s Roman scissors

The job the boss of India’s ‘censor board’ imagines he occupies originated over 2,500 years ago.

Pahlaj Nihalani, the chief of the Central Board of Film Certification, wanted 89 cuts to the film Udta Punjab.

Double-oh: Bond. Jane Bond. Who?


The challenges and the many questions as the world debates a female version of 007.

The last laugh is Sudhir Tailang’s

Sudhir Tailang

Sudhir Tailang was deeply suspicious of all authority. And he was completely unafraid. This is what made him India’s finest contemporary political cartoonist.

Well done, James!

Movie name: 

To grow up, a man who never did must go back to where he was a boy again. So it is with James Bond. And so it must be with the multi-million-dollar movie franchise’s latest 007 venture, Skyfall.

What is the long-term implication of India’s attack on Pakistan?

“When you say ‘never’ You mean ‘I’ll try it out and see’ When I say ‘never’ I invoke eternity!” From Final Proverbs by Bachchoo