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Aziz Ahmed Chaudhry says no compromise on nukes at all

Pakistan foreign secretary Aizaz Ahmed Chaudhry has said that any compromise on the country’s nuclear programme was non-negotiable and Pakistan had made it clear to the world.

Army Chief: Will win all ‘proxy wars’

Pakistan Army chief Raheel Sharif has vowed to defeat proxy wars against Pakistan.

US to spend $1.25 million on Pakistan cartoon superhero

The United States is spending over $1 million to create a cartoon superhero that teaches importance of “living a healthy, drug-free lifestyle” and “women’s empowerment” for kids in Pakistan.

Selfies with model takes away job from Pakistani cleric

Qandeel Baloch with Mufti Abdul Qavi

A well-known Pakistani cleric was on Wednesday removed from an official assignment after snapping selfies with a liberal model.

Valid papers vital to enter Pakistan, says Sartaj Aziz

Pakistan said on Sunday that no one from Afghanistan will be allowed to cross into Pakistan without valid documents.

Pak Army continues gate construction at Torkham

Pakistan said on Thursday that it will not back down on its plan to build a gate at the Torkham border with Afghanistan for the sake of national security.

Pakistan-Afghanistan agrees to border ceasefire

Pakistan and Afghanistan on Wednesday agreed to ob-serve a ceasefire along the Torkham border amid tension between the two neighbours, diplomatic sources said.

Pakistan, Afghan soldiers clash at Khyber Pass

Tension surged between Pakistan and Afghanistan on Monday as a curfew was imposed in Torkham after a crossfire along the border.

Pakistan govt aims to boost religious tourism

Pakistan Punjab provincial government is aiming at attracting Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist religious tourists with a $ 60 million project.

‘Mansour strike spoiled ties’

Pakistan on Friday told visiting senior US officials that a recent US drone strike in Balochistan province — that killed Afghan Taliban chief Mullah Akhtar Mansour — had “vitiated bilateral ties.”

Don’t knock a man when he is down” is an excellent maxim, and that must be the only reason that the knives are not out for Britain’s Prime Minister, David Cameron.

Was it complacency? Or did so many of us just not imagine this could possibly happen? For Londoners Brexit bore specially bad tidings, as they had voted to “Remain”.