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A look at crisis-struck EU from an Asian perspective

Punjabi Parmesan: Dispatches from a Europe in Crisis
Rs 599

It’s all about perspective. In India, we are mostly decoding the rest of the world through American or European perspective. It is rare to get an idea of Europe through Asian perspective.

‘Writer can’t be secretive and hold things back’

The Essential Ved Mehta
Rs 599

Indian-born American writer Ved Mehta, who recently released a collection of excerpts from his prolific writing career — from pieces in the New Yorker to chapters from 27 books, feels Indians don’t buy his books.

Good vs greedy: Writer makes heroes of Vyasa’s villains

Leadstart Publishing, pp. 450, `299

Ved Vyasa’s great epic Mahabharata — the story of the cousins, Kauravas and Pandavas, who waged a fratricidal war — has inspired generations of Indian writers, in regional languages and English, to wr

Visas fraught with domestic help problem

Exploitation, abuse and underpayment of domestic workers by foreign diplomats have been raised in recent years by the United States, Britain and the European Union with regular frequency.

UK supermarkets ease wonky vegetables rules

British supermarkets have eased their rules to allow farmers to sell imperfectly shaped vegetables and fruits after heavy rains and bad weather badly affected the farming produce.

Valentino: 50 years of couture

Fall-Winter HC black velvet evening dress

Valentino has dominated haute couture, the Italian style, for five decades. And, London honours him with a retrospective of his dresses, coveted by princesses, actresses and socialites.

Of late, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi has been thoughtlessly and in a hurry jumping into every available situation, without verifying basic facts, to criticise the Bharatiya Janata Party.

Madhu Kishwar, as the editor of Manushi, set the feminism agenda for many Indian women decades ago. Madhu Kishwar as chief media admirer of prime ministerial hopeful Narendra Modi is another story completely. The first Kishwar has been declared missing, never to be found.