Saad Bin Jung

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We must fight for a conservation law


A shepherd drinks water on the dry bed of Manjara Dam, which supplies water to Latur in Maharashtra’s Marathwada region. (Photo: AP )

Why this royal fascination?


This fascination with Kate and William befuddles me. Here we are, a nation with history that is much older than the British. We had our golden period when they were still running around with clubs.

Perils of ignoring the amateur era


Virat Kohli, who, along with M.S. Dhoni, was the only Indian player who displayed the guile needed to score on turning tracks against New Zealand on Tuesday. (Photo: AP)

“The dog barks up the wrong tree While behind him whole forests grow His indulgence in fantasy Means there are things he’ll never know.” From Dhoka Kola by Bachchoo

If the government knows how to dig in its heels on certain issues, then the judiciary would be equally strong in its resolve to stick to its stand.