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New formula: Renew+New

Infosys CEO Vishal Sikka at the announcement of the firm’s Q2 results in Bengaluru

Infosys CEO Vishal Sikka on Friday articulated the new strategy for the company to return to industry leadership and growth rates, saying that the central idea behind it was to create a “software and

Amazon bets $2billions to Flipkart’s $1billions

Amazon’s founder CEO Jeff Bezos feels India will be fastest area of firm’s growth

Amazon’s $2billionn bet against Flipkart

It’s raining billions in the Indian online retail space.

When pin code gets replaced by Zippr

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A dear one has to be rushed to a hospital, you have called the ambulance service but are having great trouble explaining to the ambulance driver your address and how to reach your place quickly.

After four hours of driving, we should have been in the middle of Dartmoor. And yet we were not.

During Gen Pervez Musharraf’s time a television host asked Benazir Bhutto (BB) about the low attendance at the Pakistan People’s Party jalsas that had just taken place.