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NGT comes down heavily on state govts

The National Green Tribunal (NGT) seems be taking over the mantle of the environment ministry. In a slew of three far–reaching judgments, the NGT has taken three state governments to task for flouting green norms.

Planet warms up as middle-class becomes more aspirational


The fifth assessment report of the UN Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has warned that the last three decades have been the warmest since scientists started keeping records since 1850 with carbon dioxide concentrations having increased 40 per cent since pre-industrial times.

‘Relocated tigers can’t adjust’

The whole issue of translocation of tigers being bred in captivity and then released into the wild has been questioned by the forest officials of the tiger rich state of Madhya Pradesh.

‘India’s e-waste will rise by 400% in next 5 years’

The threat of electronic waste (e-waste) destroying the ecological health is looming large over India.

Western Ghats caught in NGT-Centre war

A plea by NGOs from Kerala, Goa and Karnataka to preserve the ecological integrity of the Western Ghats has seen the National Green Tribunal (NGT) hit out at the environment ministry for its unprofess

MT Desh Shanti had ‘oily ballast water’

Protests have erupted on the streets of Mumbai demanding that India put pressure on the Iranian authorities to grant a safe passage to the 1.4 oil tanker MT Desh Shanti presently detained at the Bandar Abbas port.

Tribal minister slams govt over Mahan coal block allocation

Minister of tribal affairs V. Kishore Chandra Deo has come down heavily on the Central government for granting clearance to the Mahan Coal Block (MCB) in Madhya Pradesh.

India may soon get Oz tech to control dengue

Australians have achieved a major breakthrough in controlling dengue and hope to transfer this not-for-profit technology to India, which is recording some of the highest number of dengue cases in the world.

Reddy wants early consensus on GM crops

The ministry of science and technology seems to be veering towards giving the green signal to GM crops.

‘Air pollution 5th largest killer in India’

Air pollution has jumped to number five spot amongst the top killers in India.

It is hard not to recall the great relief the country felt when news came around September 29 midday that the Indian Army had sent its commandos across the Line of Control (LoC) to take out “launchpad

Within days of the terrorist attack on Kashmir’s Uri, in which 19 Indian Army soldiers lost their lives, and as the government mulled various options, some newspapers and digital platforms published a