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Got an innovative idea? Just write to Narendra Modi

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New website to let citizens offer ideas; if PM says yes, government will fund.

Pakistan violations in J&K a bid to provoke government?

Repeated ceasefire violations by Pakistani forces over the last few days, particularly in the RS Pura sector in the Jammu region, is part of a well-orchestrated plan by the ISI and the Pakistan Army t

Government takes tough line with China

India has linked economic relations with China to the security situation between the two neighbours in a strategic move.

India links trade with security in China talks

In an important strategic move, India has directly linked trade and economic relations with China to the security scenario between the two nations, particularly incursions by Chinese forces and an ear

Hafiz Saeed may unleash terror in Kashmir

Hafiz Saeed

India’s most wanted terrorist and chief of Jamaat-ud-Dawa, Hafiz Saeed, is working on a lethal plan to unleash a fresh reign of terror in the Kashmir Valley.

Iraq could trigger Shia-Sunni clashes in India: IB

Amid reports that some Indian youths may have joined the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIS) in its battle against the Nouri al-Maliki government in Baghdad, the Intelligence Bureau has warned the

India, US pressure Pakistan

At a time when controversy has broken out over the meeting of senior journalist Ved Pratap Vaidik with Jamaat-ud Dawa chief Hafiz Saeed, Indian intelligence agencies are silently working with their US

Intel agencies urge government to step in

With terror outfits increasingly using the cyber space for their subversive activities central intelligence and security agencies have asked the government to take up the issue with social networking

IB warns Maharashtra, Gujarat of IM resurgence

Sources said IM is trying to send a message against Mr Modi’s and Mr Shah’s recent appointments as PM and BJP chief, respectively

Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche was oracular in his prophecy: “When we are tired, we are attacked by ideas we conquered long ago”. Sixty-two years after the Sino-India border conflict, the Indian state remains obtusely paranoid about making the Henderson Brooks Report public.

Wellington, New Zealand Rarely, if ever, have I written a self-referential essay. However, I had occasion to visit the Te Papa Tongarewa, the National Museum of New Zealand. My leisurely stroll through the museum enabled me to peruse the exhibits with some care.