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Chalk the walk

Photo courtesy: Facebook page of the  WE CHALK WALK TO Stop Women Violence

Delhi’s first Chalk Walk on Sunday had youngsters hitting the streets to voice their demand: ‘to walk wherever, whenever and however I please’

Master of fresh tunes

Nakash playing the pianica. Photo: Akshay Tambe

Singer Nakash Aziz’s songs Sari ke fall sa and latest Dil beqasoor have climbed the popularity charts. The young singer talks about his journey in the industry so far.

Smoking hot sizzlers

Fish and meat sizzlers served hot with an assortment of veggies.

As the city welcomes monsoon showers, few things tantalise tastebuds better than an all-time favourite smoking, hissing, piping hot sizzlers.

Poetic side of tragedy queen

meena Kumari.jpg

Legendary actress Meera Kumari was a goddess of the silver screen, but the woman behind the star was haunted by the pain of unrequited love, the sting of loneliness, the hollowness at the heart of fam

Hot and app-ening

Apps have changed the way many of us function today. The photograph is used for illustrative purposes only

These city youngsters have created apps that can block numbers you wouldn’t want to drunk dial, keep a tab on attendance shortage, and help you hitch and ditch!

Feasting after dusk

Nalli ka salan

With the ongoing month of Ramzan, restaurants in the capital are providing a cornucopia of iftar dishes

Outrageous gig rocks city

Photo courtesy: Kshitish Purohit

The Outrage Music Fest was recently held for music lovers who love metal genre! Interestingly, Delhi is fast emerging as one of the best metal-friendly cities

Bamboo-stic delicacies

Bamboo shoot chutney

Conical, creamy-coloured bamboo shoots add an interesting twist to cooking. Stir fry, grind them to make chutneys or add to fried pork or fish to get a unique flavour

Beer-y good dishes


As you were downing pitchers of beer at a summer pool party, it might not have occurred to you that the golden fizzy drink can be used to prepare a variety of appetisers, main course dishes and even

Hard Kaur goes football crazy

Hard Kaur in a still from her song

Making the most of the football mania, rapper and singer Hard Kaur has come up with a new track Gol mar gol mar, which she’s sung in four languages

There is no shortage of just causes in the world, filled as it is with rising inequity, conflict and brutality. Yet, some causes seem more equal than others. The current one is the Israeli invasion of Gaza.

The Israeli assault on Gaza is horrific in its ferocity and far exceeds the limits of justifiable and even acceptable retribution.