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Kavita Nagpal

An amateurish play, with shabby costumes

Ramkali sells the shop and so she can get rid of the relatives that have landed there.

20 Sep 2018 1:00 AM

A drama about the strength of womanhood

The newest gallery on the block is Bikaner House, the erstwhile bus depot for Rajasthan Tourism.

20 Sep 2018 12:52 AM

Situational comedy about a romance

The writer is a theatre personality and a well-known critic

29 Aug 2018 1:17 AM

Mafia comedy opens Delhi leg of Aadyam’s theatre festival

The play provided an opportunity for the director to work with physically trained actors who could change their appearance and jump about with ease.

09 Aug 2018 5:58 AM

Suku Bai truly enthrals while A Private Affair draws no laughs

In her own inimitable style Suku Bai also tells us that the man of the house where she works is interested in another woman.

11 Jul 2018 1:48 AM

Of dalits, caste system and amorous love

The scenes between the Christians and the dalits are hilarious, neither understanding the other.

21 Jun 2018 1:21 AM

Nona and Item adjudged the best at Meta Festival

I felt a bit bad for Comfort Women: An Untold History not winning a single award as I feel it did deserve one.

02 May 2018 2:21 AM

META comes to Delhi with a flourish

Sonjoy Roy of Temawork films, one of the collaborators of the festival, at the helm.

19 Apr 2018 2:23 AM

A play of human emotions, well-portrayed and well-presented at Theatre Olympics

The play is influenced by Goan Maand culture arena structure of performance space and performer-character-gender aesthetic.

04 Apr 2018 1:35 AM

Heart-wrenching portrayal of displacement issues

The play depicts Kashmiri pandit families located in a place called Nandigram. The households manage their daily expenses by doing various odd jobs.

31 Jan 2018 1:12 AM